Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Wishlist 2009

I have had some very lovely dear friends who had asked what I wanted this Christmas, perhaps so that they could get it before I leave for the Philippines on the 15th of December till month end. *clap hands in excited glee* Yes! I'm going to be off to the Philippines to spend Christmas there with my Mom and sisters and the rest of my maternal family. The Glama Grandmama aka my mom sponsored the tickets for the 3 of us via Cebu Pacific.

It would be a different Christmas for the girls this year for them to experience altogether. I'm pretty sure they're going to enjoy themselves. And we'll probably webcam with their Daddy n all at home here on Christmas eve/day itself. :)

So this years wishlist goes like this... I would put generally what I want.. it may not be within your budget or perhaps it is? but you DON'T have to get these if you don't want to.. but it might be easier knowing what I DO want if you want to get me something... but heck! If you remember me during Christmas and call/sms me to say Hi! I would be happy already!

1. Red Ipod
2. Tiffany Bracelet or Pendant. I don't put in necklaces as any necklace has to be pure gold or string or a natural material. I cannot wear costume metal jewellery as I have sensitive skin that would break out in a mad angry spotty rash. So if you're considering this, please note the above.
3. Hazel & Gray Contact Lenses - No degree needed.
4. Good Quality Lipgloss
5. Medium Size Bootleg Black Workout Pants (To fit a size 10/12 person)
6. Good Quality Sport Bras - Size 36C
7. A Small Portable Laptop - In black or pink.
8. Good Quality Headphones

Thats about it for now! :) Merry Christmas in Advance!!

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