Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog Tradition 2008

From this this year, I will begin a blog tradition that starts with my blog this 2008 where I have compiled the first word from every post that I have posted this year from the last post just before this to the first post in January 2008.

I will do this again at the end of next year.. in the meantime.. 3 hours left to 2008. Happy New Year Everyone! You are loved. Thank you for reading Dreaming Reality this year...more to come. :)

I Seriously Its Dinner The Group With Made Merry What
Christmas I As Two Wow! I While I Dedicated Check
Tabasco Christmas I Don't After As Frankly Today The
So Hey This If Its Made The I I When Since Okay I'm I
Eirian The Dinner To In My Whats I Click Dinner
Dinner! Announcement I'm Apparently Yes, I We I In My
Just After Today If With Dearest Made Here's Going
Today My Today's In With Can My Dying After What
Imagine Check Tonight's California I I've Don't A
Watch There Perhaps Today's HOLY They Anyone Today's
What For There I Original I I Pause Dinner Today's I
Dinner Whoot! Tonight's No This Whats Specially Are I
The In There I Catching Taken Disclaimer Being With I
With I I In I've With Thursdays What Its Ok My A I
This I I've This Oookay Its As I Take I I A Wife Well
It I I Yet My I In My Its Well I With Damn! *Faint* A
As Boursin The No A Yes Get This I How I No On I'm
Yep! While CJ We So My A Made My How CamLovin' I've
Whats Turn Go Lauren If If Once The Find I I The Whats
I What I That It If With I This With I Today I've This
Do I Remember Remember Had While Hi God Holy So As
This Down Following Filming CJ Over I I After Filming
Yes I I Go I With Rehearsals Have This I I I People
Everytime Recently Finally Check Friday's I Or Do I
What Everyone Salsa There I've As Oh Hilarious I I
When Social Lately We The Finally On When Stop Lying
You've With By As Valentines The So Ok Can Dong TOOT
After BIG It's Isn't No I'm I'm Pree Along Ok First
Its Since My What CNY If It Hi! On And I And Now I
Presenting Presenting Apart This Oh From Just My

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