Friday, January 02, 2009

Bizarre Chicken Label?

Have you ever seen a clothes label like this? What do you even think it means?

A mom on one of my parenting forums posted this up when she found this on her son's polo shirt and we all found it absolutely hilarious! *Yes, I've asked her for permission to use her photo here* :)

What does this mean on a child's shirt label? Not for Chickens? Not to be worn near Chickens? Not to be roasted with a Chicken? and Where is MADE HERE? Where is HERE?

Wait wait! Maybe its not a chicken! Maybe its a Turkey! So its Made Here but Not Made in Turkey!! Is that it?

Totally Hilarious... Give me your take on this.. What do you think this means? Leave a message on my tagboard, leave a comment in this post or


Eric Banana said...

Erm, "No chicken was harmed in making this fine polo shirt"?

Or "Do not use this shirt as turkey stuffing"? :|

Aka Pamela S. said...

Eric Banana : Thats hilarious! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Errrrm, "Do not roast this shirt like a chicken"? That is one weird shirt label.

Anonymous said...

could we see the whole shirt?