Thursday, January 15, 2009

Red Cheongsam for Mother/Daughter Pageant

Yep, thats the Red Cheongsam I have for the Mother/Daughter Pageant that Eirian and I will be attempting to participate in this Saturday that many have "heard" about over Facebook.

Qualifying round will be tomorrow at Expo so if we get in, then we get in. If not, this quasi detox/light eating yesterday & today is driving me mad. I was 70kg on Monday *yeah, I know.. I've gained weight over the festive season from the last weigh in of 67.5kg when I fell sick in November* and since we found that we were shortlisted and I got the dress on Tuesday morning. I've been working out and eating ligher so that I can BREATHE in this dress.

I'm 69kg as of yesterday and at this rate, perhaps with a jog this evening, I will reach 68kg by Saturday and prefereably not so bloated and will be able to stand up on stage IN this dress without turning purple from the lack of oxygen and falling off the stage. *wah unglam...*

Toni - Friend & gym instructor at California Fitness lent me this lovely long dress *size 10! Argh!* and I'll be damned if I rip through this one. LOL!

In the meantime.. wish Eirian and me luck to pass through the rounds... apparently there's overwhelming response to this pageant so lets see how it goes. Qualifying round is for 20 pairs of mother/daughters. Might be interesting. :)


RS said...

I've heard that a quick way to lose weight is to increase your fish intake to 2-3 times per day. So, stick with light eating, but have fish for your protein until Saturday.

If you take fruits, maybe take lots of pears, as they are good for removing excess water from the body.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Pears? I can't! Too high in carb content.. but we're a day away.. I'll stick to the light low carb meals :) Thanks for the recommendation! :)

Farinelli said...

Hi there Honeymeow Farinelli from August saying hi back (took very long I know hurhur). Happy (Chinese) New Year!