Sunday, January 18, 2009

No, We didn't get into the Finals.

Continuation to THIS post... ... we went to the Mother/Daughter Cheongsam Pageant that was held by Singapore Expo on Friday for the Qualification round. Around 35 or so, pairs signed in.

No, we didn't get in to the final 16 but it was an experience nevertheless. Not exactly a good one but.. whatever. We went there at 1pm but spent the rest of the time lobo-ing around while we waited for the other contestants to stream in.

Luckily there was the JL sale going on and other super duper cheapo sales *$3 for shirts!, $2 for halters?! I should have bought more...* going on so it "entertained" us for a while.

We were registered as M4 and D4. Just before we went up on stage for our bit, Eirian started to FREAK OUT. So I calmed her just before we went up the ramp but obviously it was not enough.

She clammed up and HID BEHIND ME during the whole thing. Which was surprising to me as I threw her on stage before and she sang a song infront of a crowd beautifully and not shy at all! See that HERE.

And the emcee had to ask the URGH!est questions to her which she doesn't know, even I didn't know how to answer. Ie "wow! your name is very unique? What does it mean and where did you get it from?!"

And that was not something I had discussed with Eirian before and she really couldn't be bothered knowing so both of us just went.."huh?" -.-''. *SILENCE... (cricket chirping)

Then we had to CATWALK and bc she was already ATTACHED TO MY BACKSIDE, it was literally a case of DRAGGING HER ALONG the stage floor while I attempted to stride & pose. Very hard to do so when u have a 26kg lump o child attached to ur ass.

Then I had to take a qn out of the fishbowl and my qn was "Name a strength and a weakness that you have and tell us why" so.. I'll leave it up to you to guess how I answered that but I did pretty well if I might say so myself. I attribute my emceeing experience and somewhat public speaking at my events/workshops training enough to know how to talk through a smile.

Then we said thank you and walked off the stage. Pfft... it all ended around 6pm when the rest of the contestants finished the rounds.. announced the winner then we just left. So thats it. No Cheongsam contest prize.. that red cheongsam can just stay in its little cloth bag to see better days someday. Pfft... till the next contest perhaps...


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