Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Eirian's One minute of Fame

Actually.. more like few seconds of fame.. It was the last night of 2006.. the gahmen body at my residential area decided to do a countdown party down at my block...

Both the girls and myself went down to check out the festivities after dinner and found a movie running and also a short concert activity. The emcee went on stage and asked if there were any children who wanted to participate in the one minute of fame and immediately I asked Eirian if she wanted to be on stage and sing a song?

She nodded excitedly so I said.. what do you want to sing? Twinkle Star? She nodded again. So I asked her to give me a trial run and it went perfectly so I signed her up.

She was such a willing sport and listened to all instructions that the coordinator said to all the children involved.. sit here.. que up.. go up to the aunty and tell her what you are doing.. so there she was.. and there I was.. a proud momma that was more nervous than she was...

I kept on having flashes that she would freeze on stage.. or maybe worse, burst out crying and fall off the stage..

It came as a pleasant surprise when the clock finally struck 11pm.. one hour to 2007 and she was called up to stage after around 1.5 hours of waiting for the show to run its course to reach the "One minute of Fame" section.

She confidently strode up onto the stage. Whispered "I singing twinkle twinkle. shhhhh..." to the emcee and then was given the mike... her voice shone out loud. Although the pitch wasn't perfect to some. It was perfect to me. I was so proud that I nearly forgot to record it.

It ended with her winning! She happily accepted her gift pack and came prancing to me while I sweep her off her feet and into the air, giving her hug because I was just so proud that she did it.

Such an innocent twinkle twinkle little star.. and hey... "THATS MY BABY.."

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