Saturday, January 13, 2007

Joining the Gym

Its been a long time since I stepped back into a gym.. I frequented California Fitness some years ago in 2004... that has been a full 2 years since I last actively excersized. I got into a pretty good routine of taking group classes twice a week in step and body combat.. and then doing a 40 min run on the skywalker and then a 15-20 min machine cycle where I did some spot toning... it was working for a while.. and then I changed my job just at the point where I was dropping the weight rapidly... 10kg down in just 3 months. A new job that saw me working crazy hours at times and also running in shifts..

I stopped my membership and pulled out. *bad idea-body wise*

I threw the idea out at CJ sometime last week on my return to the gym.. and surprisingly and pleasantly, he said to go for it! I was hesitant to bring it up as it brought up quite abit of arguing the last time I frequented so I was glad that he thought it was a good idea now.

He would be returning to his training Dojo which I was hesitant to go as it stressed me on the strict discipline and progression and different things that I had to learn by attending classes there.. I'm a martial artist (in my dreams only hahaha)... so he goes himself.. I'm sure its a good way for him to release stress and he really likes it there.. so I guess time alone if good sometimes.

I would be returning to the gym next week to start off a routine.. I went to the website and noticed that there are alot more locations and new classes that they had introduced since the last time I was there. It would be interesting to check them out in my own time and target..

I'm looking forward to looking like an beginners idiot in the step class again.. *the lost look* and standing there scratching my head when the regulars there would be flying and spinning around and around gracefully over their step board...

I'm also looking forward to the dance kicking and punching in the combat classes... *clasping hands excitedly*

It has something to do with really loud techno and pop music that sets my heart pumping and my ass moving.. I guess thats why they are so popular with people like me.. we like that kind of stimulation hahah

I hope a good deal comes in soon on my renewed membership from that marketing manager, Jamie from Calfit or my spinning instructor sister, Alex...

Already I've gathered 3 galfriends to join me.. a seasoned veteran gym go-er mom from my moms board named Nickle... an inspiring galfriend who went from XXL to a svelte S size lady in under a year named Joanne and Janet... a galfriend who also has same intentions to lose some weight this year...

Its going to be a good year.. I hope.

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