Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Designer Issue : Hayden

We walked past the Hayden boutique at Club Street yesterday and it stopped me right in my tracks. My head turned and I let out a small shriek! OMG!!!! They're beautiful!

Hayden is a local designer who creates oriental style outfits. With Kimono like styles and oriental embroidery with a modern flowy twist with soft silky fabrics.

There were gorgeous embroidered crystal tops.. gorgeous fitted capri bottoms and many many amazing dresses.. One caught my eye and it was fitted on a mannequin beside him. It was a floral drop V asymetrical dress with a sash at the waist.. it looked so elegant and beautiful but it can only be worn with someone with a great body..

It gave me inspiration. (edit: Hayden found my blog! hahha unbelievable and I'm very pleased to announce that that beeautiful dress cost $729!!....)

I stood there looking at it and wondering how it would be like to have it for myself.. but where would I wear it to? .... sigh.

With at least $600 a piece for either a top or a bottom.. it was surely 'BOUTIQUE' prices... but they were just so ... beautiful....

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Hayden said...


Thank you for the compliments! The dress you are talking about is SGD$729.00 not SGD$1.8K... lol...

Maybe it would work for you, as to where to wear it too..... Hmm, thatz really up to your lifestyle!

Entertain at home or p'hapz go to Clarke Quay & checkout the restaurants! Very happening!

Once again, thank you for your mention in your blog!

Best regards; HAYDEN