Friday, January 19, 2007

The December Issue

Several things happened in December.. for one.. CJ became the childcare centre's Jolly Santa.. he agreed to do it and he did it for free! The church affiliated with the school provided a felt top and bottom a cottony beard.. we went through the costume bag and found that there were alot missing... for one.. no shoes.. so a barefoot santa it would be then! ... and no belt! Aiyoh!

I went into the school searching for materials and ended up with a black trash bag, scotch tape and a yellow piece of origami paper... so we set off to work and made something that looked like the belt.. and voila! Santa ... Singapore style.. hehhee ...

He even had the gold rimmed glasses! His own of course.. hahaha... He stood by the door rehearsing his "HO HO HO... Merry Christmas! blah blah blah..." I thought he looked quite cute.

The belt somehow came out looking pretty realistic too and the children were shrieking in amusement when he finally plodded out of the room to greet them with his best Father Christmas voice and led them into a meet and greet with some games and gift giveaways.

Both Lauren and Eirian were very pleased that their dad was Santa and laughed so hard that they rolled over on the ground. It was a pleasant morning that December's day that we had brought happiness and a nice memory for all those children.. and most importantly our own with their very own personal... Santa Claus.

Christmas Dinner came soon after where we had our usual Christmas Dinner for the past couple of years.. it has almost always been the same with the exception of the poultry.. Last year it was a really big turkey as we had a built in oven at my MIL's flat at Hougang.. this year.. it was roasted chicken with the usual accompaniments...

.. as usual, we had our favourite potato salad.. sausages, sliced honey ham, glazed wings, nuggets, sotong balls and oven roasted garlic bread.. it was a yummy spread with different sauces of ketchup, chili sauce, homemade apple sauce and blueberry/cranberry jam. Christmas rang in much later with the adults at the Mahjong table playing with Christmas luck. The girls watching Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz while trying their best to stay awake for the clock to strike midnight and they can open their presents...

Presents that CJ and I hoarded over the past months into a special christmas package for each child.. they made their home at the office shelf each time 2 of something was bought and finally packaged as a bunch of christmas delights... everyone was happy :) That is what family is all about..

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