Monday, January 15, 2007

Tummy Bugs & Vomit

Yes, thats what I've been looking at the past few days and all the more today.. Eirian was down last week with a tummy bug and refused to eat or even drink her beloved Milo.. she's getting pretty scrawny to me because she's losing alot of weight! I took a stroll down wisma and bought her a bag of $9 Famous Amos Cookies.. *drooling* I love those cookies, esp the black ones with a whole lotta chocolate in them.. but noooo *trying self restraint... I must not. I will not. eat cookies during weekdays.* We're trying to plump her up and even had the GP at this morning's visit give us an appetite stimulant just for her before she disappears into oblivion.

Lauren caught the bug too and started chucking this morning.. more than 4 times already and oh so much with so much brute force.. I'm feeling nauseaus just thinking about it.. poor gal! She spent the morning with me whining on an achy tummy and finally fell asleep at 11am.

The day started off with 2 chicken wings in my tummy and thats all thats floating in my tummy till now. I'm wondering when my body starts to rebel and say that 2 chicken wings aren't enough!! I'm looking forward to the run later in the evening because I think my mood is going wacky with the few days of non stimulation and no excercise. *Yes!!! this is what I want! The urge to WANT to excercise** I'm just hoping that the urge stays for me to keep up the momentum.

A momentum that has currently broken in terms of work.. I know that I have a whole list of things to do... events to line up... activities to roll out... and potential clients to forge relationships with... but....... *eyes closing*

I know I must get started... *procrastinating*.... I know.. but ... I... am just feeling so out of it and so damned lazy. Sigh.

Someone help me.. I need details up... I need money in.. I need to get the juices flowing..

Is there a miracle pill somewhere that can rejuvenate this urge? And please dont say its the tiny blue one that starts w V... I'm not THAT old yet and not male either.. -.-'' urgh.

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