Friday, January 19, 2007

What kind of food is that??

Over the years, I've come across different signs that just make me stop and do a double take and always sends me reeling in laughter... It amuses me greatly to catch these seemingly innocent mistakes that makes things just sound so wrong...

In this case.. I walked past the poster above and had to take a few steps back to relook and wondered... "FINGERING SNACKS?"

Err... food that you eat when you're being fingered? *ahem*

Suppose that would be stuff like.... errr what? Banana maybe? Oh wait! I know.. Goreng Pisang lah right? hahha singaporean style FINGERING FOOD..

It didn't end there where I amusingly recount different signs I remember but never took a picture from.. *thank you motorola v3 for immediate pictures! ahha*

One sign at a factory once said "please use flesh water to clean the machines''... *ahem*
One menu stated once "wanton noddles"... *what the heck is a noddle*

... more to come once I can get them into my phone...


Saskboy said...

Fingering foods:
For when you absolutely have to get off, err, take off, ahh, I mean take out your food to go. Maybe that's what they were going for ;-)

honeymeow said...

hahaha whoa... I have a reader which is not a friend? Welcome Stranger... to my blog!