Saturday, January 20, 2007

Advertising Agencies

Ad agency executives SUCK!!!!!! Okay.. maybe not all but the ones we deal with surely do. They're the pinnacle of bitch and are lazy self righteous bastards. I may seem like I'm shooting myself in the foot because I also run an advertising outfit but I still stand by my rant and saying "crap!!!!!!" It frustrates me with their employee mentality and red tape and whatever shebang they call their PROCESSES... not one of them wants to be accountable for ANYTHING but they want everything to be served to them on a silver platter! All so that they can look nice in front of THE CLIENT. Which so happens to be MY DIRECT client. Liasing with them is done out of respect of MY client's instructions so that there would be a good stream of communication with all involved.

It takes almost FOREVER for them to think about their next step and then they run around in circles without getting confirmation from the client on whether we can proceed with the next step. They must be very fit in working in their agency because they do ALOT OF TAICHI everyday.. pushing the problem to other people and acting blur without taking responsibility of when what comes out of their own bloody mouth. Its only black and white with these people or you would get stabbed in the back, leg, neck.. arm.. whatever they can get hold of they will stab lah... and you'll be bleeding on the ground, spasming from the blood loss while they stand there laughing in their fake prada-grade b/c/d (aka prad.a labelled pieces.. as if we cannot see the additional . in the brand name) and fake gucci outfits. Please lah hor... spare me the memories.. I have better things to put in my brain and more loving memories to create with my family too..

So many times in this case, I just wanted to stab them straight in the eyes just to blind them so that I can laugh at how stupid they will look bc they will go "ooohh.. my eyes... my eyes..."

Agency AEs in this case must think that the world must revolve around them and we must serve them hand and foot. MY FOOT!! they can suck on my nicely pedicured deep red toenails and go to bed... *bah*

This is truely the unglamourous part of advertising, design and printing where they say that if anything CAN go wrong.. WILL go wrong... and it is just one hit after another... each day I wake up these few days and pray.. please... please... let today be smooth and hiccup free...

We are working on a major project.. with a dream client.. or at least a client that anyone in this industry would love to have under their wings.. and they APPROACHED us!! With just one meeting, we had them sans pitch! It was almost like it fell into our lap. Joys of Joys.. this pulls our working portfolio up to the big boys... so watch out intl. ad agencies... Berri Werks has arrived.

Albeit having this VERY tricky project to deal with, we have certainly been trying our best to give the best quality of work that can be achieved. We pulled in knowledge of our past decade of experience... knowledge that I've gained while taking my pro. dip in advertising & design, production knowledge which CJ, I now proclaim is KING... all into pulling this project off.

Liasing in between the agency and our client has brought in so much unecessary wastes of time, money and problems.. we did not have this kind of problem when we went directly and once the agency stepped in.. FUCK.. It all went haywire. Things started to go wrong and we were fighting fire..

Caught between paper pushing pompous idiots aka agency aes who would rather sleep in on a saturday for their fucking beauty sleep rather than ensure that the project is running smoothly and a client that we want to keep VERY happy so that we can ensure ourselves a long working relationship...

It has been such a terraneous hill of ups and downs and where we end up after this will be on the top of the hill shouting down... GONG XI FA CAI!! Happy New Year and hope we have a really good one...

Butterflies in the stomach just don't cut it if I were to describe the nervousness I'm feeling. It is more like a feeling of a huge dark cloud that is not hovering above you but ON MY DAMNED HEAD... the shoulders are tense... the stomach is twisting.. the heart is pounding... body is aching... the eyes are hurting... it almosts sounds like I'm sick but I'm not.

Stressed is the opposite of Desserts... something that I think we should treat ourselves to once this is all over.. we need a temporary sanity reviving break.

I know that CJ is also feeling the same way when I look over at him and we look at each other exasperatingly.. I'm just happy that we're not taking it out on each other... We will be stronger once this passes and I have all parts crossed in intense anticipation that the ending will be glorious.

Wish us luck... We will survive this battle.

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