Saturday, January 13, 2007


In honour of brand new addition to the immediate family of the Sims, I would like to devote a little entry just for the little one which made his way into our lives in Sept 06.
Introducing Gareth Tham! My sister in law Serene's brand new baobei and brand new terror for my brother in law, Mark.
It has been a wonderful 4 months which has passed since his arrival and he has grown into such a big little baby! Oh my how he's grown! He's fully breastfed which can be a pain to his "por por" because he refuses to drink from a bottle when he's over under her care... but its all good.. breastmilk is best for baby.. *hehehe I sound like a breastfeeding commercial*
So.. 2 months on.. here he is... handsome bugger eh? *muaks!

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