Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby dreams

Over 6 years ago, I had a nightmare that I lost a baby.. I woke up crying... - 3 weeks later.. I confirmed myself pregnant at the doctor's without even taking a self pregnancy test. I just knew and the surprised doctor checked and asked how I knew if I didn't self test.. We just did..

9 months later - Out popped Lauren.

Over 4 years ago, I had another nightmare that someone made my baby into Bak-kut-teh (a kind of peppery herbal soupy meat dish).. I woke up crying... - 2 weeks later.. I confirmed myself pregnant again. Missed period and confirmed it at the GP with a pregnancy test who let out a hearty congratulations.

9 months later - Out popped Eirian.

Just yesterday, I recieved a message from my mom whos currently living in the philippines... "I had a dream that you were pregnant...keep the baby, its a blessing from God and a wonderful gift"

I replied with, "I'm not. I'm on a diet and excersizing and returning to the gym!"

She replied, "better check with your gynae and stop excersizing before you're sure!"

I replied again with, "I'm not lah, unless its immaculate conception." (hahaha, just a joke bc the period just ended not long ago)

She replied insisting "go check and don't go for abortion, keep the baby, its a gift"

I replied insisting "don't have lah. Anyway, who ever said I was not going to keep it even if I was pregnant??"Of course I'll have it... anyway, are you sure its me? And not Alex or Jackie?

Alex n Jackie are my younger sisters if you didn't know.

She replied "Not jackie, maybe Alex but its ok, I'll take all babies.. but its definitely you in my dream"

I replied "Uh huh, well... I think I'm not so time will tell... I'll keep you updated if I am sometime.. if ever..."

At this point, I took the time to message Alex with "mom's being weird and scary and insisting that I'm pregnant when I'm not"

Alex replied with "she's just being paranoid. Her fortune says that she will have a new family member this year."

I took another peek at my phone and sigh.. *weird - rolls eyes. who knows... maybe I am... or not. *shrug*

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