Monday, January 29, 2007

Copywriting for Food

I am not a born writer, neither am I a trained one. For those who follow my blog, you would find that it is full of grammatical mistakes.. spelling mistakes and the sorts... All so that I can allow my thoughts to flow freely without worrying about whether my punctuation is correct or if those reading can fully understand what I'm trying to relate.. if you can't understand what I write and are truely interested to know more, just call me.. I welcome phonecalls from genuine friends of course!

So even not being a writer being my forte, I pride myself in making the right selection of words and maintain a good sense of spelling whenever necessary.. esp when it comes to work..

Copywriting is one of the services that come under our line of work and it can vary from the technical details of a machine to writing about food.

Oh Glorious food. And this time I chose my favourite sinful obsession.. Cheesecake.. so here it goes with some short copy. Let me know what you think and if you can imagine it .. but for now.. I quite like it... and btw.. the following copy you see below is copyright to Berri Werks.. and reproduction in part or whole is strictly prohibited.

See something you like?

Now lean closer and admire the exquisite creation in front of you!

Relish in the delightful confection that sits upon a crunchy all butter shortbread cookie crust covered with a smooth layer of Premium quality chocolate fudge.

Go on, indulge yourself!

Slip a spoonful of this lusciously rich caramel cheesecake into your mouth, close your eyes, then sit back and experience sensational bursts of flavor as your tongue swirls amongst sinful decadence...

Mmmmmm. Have another bite! Ooooooohhh!

Savour the taste of the cool, creamy cheese filling topped with an irresistible combination of succulent, sweet ruby strawberries and plump, juicy blueberries, oozing amber swirls of caramel and crowned with a tumble of golden buttery candied pecans.

Feed your desire!

Enjoy the luxuriousness of each bite as each spoonful brings you a little bit closer to heaven...

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