Friday, December 26, 2008

3 Ways to POINT - Do you Really Know How?

With Christmas season here, everyone has been out and about and interacting with more people possibly more than usual and I've noticed this a long time back. And duely shared this with my girls who now know this peeve I have and want them to learn from and that is...

How to Point.

Do you really know how to point?
I don't know if there is a specific method to pointing but this is how I feel that is most appropriate due to situation and courteous and I have been pleased from time to time again at the conscious decisions that my children have made when the situation arises that they need to point and have done it the way I have demonstrated.

For your visual aid, I enlisted Lauren to show how to do this so these pictures include her demonstration and mine for clearer visual.

Allow me to share this with you now. I feel that there are 3 ways of pointing.

The first being. Object pointing. This way of pointing is the standard pointer finger thrust as seen above. This is used for pointing to objects, stuff or inanimate objects.

Then there is Directional pointing. Which is when you point to show a direction or place. Ie for a person asking you directions. "The post office is over THERE or the bathroom is to the left".

Then lastly there are People pointing. I find it very rude to point at someone using the object pointer position. Its like sticking a long object in your face so we use a modified version for people. "There she is! or Eirian is over there!". This is where you use your thumb on fist to point instead.

There you go... 3 ways to point from me to you. How do you point?


Relax said...

Waaaa! this is so wonderful!
Meow meow writes self improvement article! I love it!!!
Thanks Meow meow!!! Happy Boxing Day :P

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hhaha.. then u must have missed my Beso Post.

waine said...

Most often people use their index finger to point others that inludes children. Maybe when nobody teach a child to point, the child uses it's index finger to do so. The thumb pointing is much much polite way to do so. and the palm is more for ushering event purposes. Best way to point is using the thumb for me. Nice post*