Saturday, December 20, 2008

What the... I'M SICK AGAIN?!??!

What the.... I'm sick AGAIN?! I should have realised it earlier today but put it off as a general malaise. I woke up grumpy and then after a little miscom. smses with David, my dance teacher on todays class schedule.

I missed Tae-bo at Orchard*which might have been a good thing* because of that miscom. and hit BodyJam class at Novena instead. I was feeling alright throughout the class, met up with some of my other dance mates who I totally love too. Oh and I'm loving BodyJam 46!

Then I hit Rumba at Orchard and then it struck. Midway through dance class... I found myself seriously winding out. And I NEVER die off in class. NEVER. I'm always the last to fall if ever at all which I pride myself for the energy levels, stamina and endurance that I put forward in each class.

On some days, I hit 3 consecutive dance/weights classes and still feel fine after so whats with the dying off in today's 2nd class?! Everyone noticed bc I kept on stopping to catch my breath and even conceded "defeat" when asked if we wanted a final track. "No more... no more... I can't..." Strange.... specially when it is usually me who screams for an encore or final track. It must have been very obvious as even my instructor was concerned about the sudden lack of doing. *pauses to lay head down again*

I hit home after and could not shake off an annoying grubby throat during my shower, I put it off as being heaty with all the food & cookies that I've had recently and after some food, I knocked out in bed completely till 730pm.

I woke up groggy and with a little more than that general malaise that I was feeling earlier.. my nose was tingly, I started to sneeze intermittently, my throat has a grubby feeling and I very well am sure that I feel a fever running up to slam me from out of no where. I'm literally emenating a wide radius of heat from this moment.

I've run out of Berocca and/or Redoxon which I usually take to up my Vit. C so I'm chugging water. If this pursues and/or gets worse tomorrow.. yes, yes I know.. I'll see a doctor.. but for now... I might hit the bed early tonight.

Merry Christmas Everyone...

And I took a picture of my girls watching TV. You would think that since we have TWO sofas that they'd sit side by side on it and not ON TOP OF EACHOTHER? -.-''

But ... whatever.. as long they're happy.....

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