Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why I'm not blogging diet details...

People have asked why I'm not blogging details of the diet that we've done on my blog and I have several reasons why I'm not doing that and will never do so. So don't expect it.

Firstly, there are too many who are readers who take things at face value without truely understanding what they're getting themselves into.

Everyone has a different body and with the diet, would have varying results from what I had achieved. You may drop even faster or alot slower than me. And, this is not something that can be done if you have underlying medical problems or are pregnant or nursing. Its dangerous trying to do something based on very little information.

Furthermore, I realise that alot of people really do not understand food content, more so about carbohydrates. It won't be wrong to say that you understand carbohydrates as your standard rice and noodle variety but it really also extends to other selections of food too.

Understanding bodily effects that happen in the beginning is something you will need to understand too. How your body will and can react can be quite unsettling for some.

So this is why also, I can tell you what I did to get to where I am but understand this, analyse what you need to tailor make it to your lifestyle and needs and then do it. It would not be possible to follow exactly what I did, my life is surely different from yours but you can find a way to tailor it around yourself and your meals and exercise regime.

This being said, those who are interested and have contacted me some way or another. I will be talking to you in groups instead of individually so everyone starts off together. If you at this point feel that you cannot commit, please let me know now because it takes time for me to explain it enough for you to understand and grasp the concept effectively for you to implement it into your lifestyle.

I cannot believe how time and time again, people are still pissing me off with their "all talk and no commitment" attitude.

Seriously now people. Wake up your bloody idea. Saying "I want, I want" isn't going to help if you're sitting sitting on your fat arse and not doing anything different. If I asked you to meet me, schedule it SOMETIME SOON. Perhaps if you just say "I want" about 10 thousand times everyday, maybe you will burn some calories in your jaw??! Argh!!

People tells me "just stop helping already" if it pisses you off so much. Seriously, I've considered this from time to time. But I have hope in you. You. The one who really wants the change. I can relate. And I would be happy to rejoice in your success when it works out for you.

After all. Its all to your benefit.

My support is there but only to those who are truely keen on making a change. Don't ask me FOR FUN. Those who are on it now know that my phone is open all the time. If need be, I have met some at the gym too to check up on their workout routine to make it more effective. I'd give you my time, if you give me your cooperation.

BUT I have some hit and run people lately. Those that I've been told they're DESPERATE. But are you really? Because if you were, you would be doing all in your power to reprioritise and bug me all the time to ensure you at least start off with sufficient information and on the right foot before embarking on this journey. Being "too busy" is just an excuse because EVERYONE is busy. Bloody hell, I'm busy too you know..I have a business to run and if I had a staff like that, you'd be fired for non commitment.

Reprioritise to make sure you have this as something you NEED to do rather than suka suka have don't have chin chye lah... kind of thing can?

I really won't want to have people running about out there doing what they think is correct and then coming back to me complaining they are without any results bc you're doing a fucked up job. Or worse, hurting yourself. Do your research before you embark on anything. Don't come to me and say "I've been eating less rice this week, how come I'm still so fat?" Be responsible for yourself.

That also being said, Be Sensible. If you know you cannot, then find another way. This is not a one size fits all diet. Maybe another may work for you better. Any sensible diet, as long as you keep to it. Will show results.

If you want me to help, don't expect me to follow up and chase you like a cow but if you really want it, I am willing and want you to succeed. Don't make it like I owe you because I DON'T. My lines are open. Email me if you have decided. honeymeow@gmail.com

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