Sunday, March 23, 2008

Acting is seriously hard work!

Rehearsals have begun. Refer to this post to know what I'm talking about. I've been presented with the leading role for Lydia's graduating film for the Red Geisha.. am I the Red Geisha? Noooo.. I'm Mamasan Tang and I tell you. Its. Damn. Bloody. Hard. Can!

With reference to this Wong Kar Wai film in terms of ambience, look and cinematic inspiration. This is how the film will be like and with Gong Li as my "inspiration". I'm set out to be as bitchy with a capital B with a touch of glamourous power to pull this character off. *Looking at facial expressions and tone of voice*

My main co-star which is Leon *aka in real life also known as Pavan; he actually does real commercial and corporate acting on the side* was pretty good. He only needed to go through his lines ONCE and it was all in his head... *bish* How Can!! *envy*

My hats off to actors/actresses because it is really hard work and so challenging. I've never acted in my life okay! My body was stiff, I was nervous as hell and I kept on forgeting my lines, like totally blank out okay!... errrrr duh.. *white noise in my head*... *smack head* Like that called Acting? Please lor... anyway.. I'll be practicing my lines... and also working my butt... *blush*

We found that the Gold Cheongsam that they bought for me is a little too tight at the hips. Big Hips LAAAH!!! *Wah lau* I can't breathe!! Imagine if I didn't lose weight. CONFIRM cannot fit lor!! Seriously, who'd have thought that if a piece of clothes is tight at the hips, it would give you breathing difficulties. -.-'' We pulled it down and it fitted so closely that I DEFINITELY cannot sit down or it will rip. Walk can. Sit down. Cannot.

Other than this, the Golden Robe was lovely. And *cough cough* the black laced babydoll for the opening bedroom scene is also... quite *ahem* nice.... its Victoria's Secret after all.... *cough*

Next rehearsal is next Saturday... before the main film rolling shoot next week from the 2nd to the 4th of April 08.

*chant* Relax. Relax. Talk slower. Talk slower.


petite fleur said...

What a cool project Pam. Will the movie be posted on youtube when completed ?

BTW thanks for the link to the WKW movie. I didn't realise he did this. I'm going to watch the whole thing now.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hiya! Thanks for coming to my blog! :)

I don't know if the director will be listing her film on youtube when its done as she wants to list it for the Asian Film Festival at year end...

You'll surely hear of it if it makes it over at my blog! hahaha! :)