Thursday, March 20, 2008

Truely Madly Deeply

Truely Madly Deeply by Cascada

I love this song.. and I appreciate both versions.. both the original by Savage Garden *below* which I was a big fan of... whooot! and Cascada's version *above* is good for working out too... what I don't really get is the girls in the leotards. Seriously, if I ever entered a room and saw these 4 ladies hopping about like that. I would be totally baffled and stunned. Did I enter some high school pyjama party or what? *blah*

But for the song, its not bad, I like it. Alot. In it goes into my music play list...

Do you? :)

Truely Madly Deeply by Savage Garden

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Agnes Tan said...

The remix version is a good song to go with the exercise regime. But I just cudn't figure out the relation btwn the MTV and the music. ???

The original will always be the best. And Yes, it's one of my all-time fav too.

Gonna put them both in my mobile. Thanks for sharing, Pam. :)