Saturday, March 08, 2008

Warning: This is Disgusting!

What do you think this is? Take a guess if nausea hasn't already set in. *I'm already turning green from looking at this....*

Its a lump of ear wax.

Its so HUGE, so hard and so black and we FINALLY took it out of Lauren's ear. This lump literally FILLED her ear canal and we could never get her to sit still to clear it out until tonight. Its even bigger than your standard cotton bud!
Finally. Its out and maybe now, she won't have to keep yelling and talking like a samseng kia *gangster's child* as she can now hear better..
So take this as a very disgusting warning to parents... please clean your children's ear regularly or you might end up with an 7 year old lump of wax like this. *Still feeling nauseaus looking at it*
Thank GOD she didn't get an infection from having this offending thing in her head all these years!....

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