Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor's Party

As I age, my preference for the different magazines change over the years. Obviously now, I prefer the more mainstream -more for older women- magazines like HW, SH or WW. If you read these magazines, you know what all those mean.. but when I was younger.. the magazine that appealed the most and had the most relevant information to me was of course CLEO!

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I bought Cleo every single month and was an ardent supporter when they first started and almost had a shelf bend from the weight of all my magazines. *Ahem* I also nearly worked for them once before when I was younger, I applied for a position and sat back and prayed they call me back. They did. AFTER I already accepted another job at an advertising agency... Sigh.. back then, it was quite a dilemma for me.. work for a magazine that I really liked or work for an ad agency.. both were appealing and very relevant for me.. but obviously, you now know what I decided. I still wonder though, it would have been a hell of a ride for me if I chose the magazine way...and of a slightly different career path for me.

So some years ago, they came up with this Most Eligible Bachelor's contest and I went "AAAaarrghh!! Damn! I should have chosen to work for them instead!!! Damn Damn Damn!! Hahahahaaa" I wanted to be the one who ran down Orchard Road hunting down the hotties!! LOL... Darn.. How fun is that... an actual reason to pick up a hot dude and still be able to be serious about it. *You people over at Cleo have it made lah!!*

So over the years.. there were some pretty HAWT! looking blokes that were spotted and selected. Some good.. some pretty average and some.. I look at and go "wah lau! who the hell langah into this guy's face?!?" CMI lah!! CANNOT MAKE IT!!!

So the contest has come around this year again.. and I'm was looking forward to see what the Cleao Team had managed to rustle out of our little red dot and this is what they found... *See above to check them out!*

Obviously, they must have a time and date to celebrate and this would be at the coveted "Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor's Party!" It will be held on the 8th of March at Zouk. I can just imagine the girls screaming when the men come waltzing out in whatever outfits they had chosen.. and I hope to hell that the one who wins actually has a killer smile. *The smile is what makes a man eh?*

As I browse through the list of bachelors, it makes me realise though how old I now am with cradle snatcher tendencies because what comes to mind for me is.. "little boy little boy... aiyoh you little boy *pinch cheeks* you so cutey wutey weettle boii.... "

... -.-''

*ahem.. so can you tell I actually like OLDER MEN? - would explain why the hubster is 7 years older than me eh!*

Anyway... this party looks like something interesting to attend if you can make it. I might be a little out of place I'm sure considering people actually call me Aunty already... but a party is a party is a party...

Check out the links up in the image above. You could choose your favourite 5 bachelors to be stationed at the "Kissing Booth" *ahem... "little boy ah... better use listerine hor... if you need to kiss me... *kiss my cheek oni nia ok!!"*

Then nominate them for the various Favourite categories, see who you want for the "strip tease" act... and then u can read up a little more of each bachelor from the various blogs they've setup for this contest...

Check it out.. you might find something.. or someone... interesting... :)

For me..why I'd love to go is to check out Irene Ang and have a little chat with her.. since she's one of the supporting sponsors to this event and of course... we work with Power 98 too in our course of work as a media partner and hell! I wanna see how those guys are getting along... and for one thing... *Don't gawk... for the life of me.. I've never been INSIDE Zouk before... really! No kidding.. I know its the oldest club around.. and EVERYONE'S been there before.. everyone.. except me. Hahahahaaaa....anyone wanna bring me there? Lao gong? Haha...



Ohkulala said...

Oouuu.. I Love the widget you have on Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelors. Do you think you could let me know the source for the codes. Cos, i cant seem to upload it up my blog as it is now. Could be the restrictive internet connections of my uni. 2 of my frens are nominated and i'm rooting for them :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi, this was an advertorial. I suppose you can check it out from