Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Halter Me Silly!

I recieved a hand delivered gift today which came in a handmade pouch!....

My friend, Wendy who has the nimblest of fingers at the sewing machine and an amazing crafting talent made me a top that I've wanted for a long long time'but could never get the size or the style for it! Neither did I have the body to carry it off!

Made? Yes! Made it!! For me? Bwuhahaha... yes... *blush* hahahah... this is one of 2 pieces that she's crafting up with those magic fingers of hers.. the second one will be a modification of this one and probably just as Hawwt! if not more... hehhee... *waiting in excited anticipation*

In the meantime.. try ignoring those scary tan lines on my back, I go swimming ok! And don't remind me of sun block.. I did use sunblock... boh pian.. my skin burns easily.. :( It would look a hell of alot better when I get more toned but it will do for now even if I don't have a waist.. I will!!... just pretend u don't see my soft soft marshmallow pui pui skin... *blah*

Thank you Wendy!!!... Gorgeous.. Do you like it? I like it alot.. now..... time for that night out that my lao gong promised me.. *ahem*... What shall it be? MOS or St. James Power Station har? ......

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Robert Sim said...

Your choice lor... St James also can, more suitable for your age now lar.. MOS is like more for kiddies like that.. hiak hiak hiak