Thursday, March 06, 2008

Atkins Alert!

I've noticed recently that my blog has been circulated amongst friends. *Cough cough... thank you for your support lah!! *blush* Some redirecting those who are interested to lose weight towards my blog to gain some idea or inspiration to get their butt moving..

I was surprised that my page hits had even exceeded 550 on a daily basis lately which is quite unusual for my readership. *I'm not complaining.. I'm quite pleased actually.* But I would love for you guys to let me know who you are without me having to track you down can?

Its a little unnerving having so many people reading out there and not knowing who you all are... talk to me lah!!

BUT thats great knowing that people are finding some inspiration out there! I know there are a number of you out there just watching this space and just reading and wondering if you could do it.. hey.. I just want you all to know.. HELL! If I can do it, so can you.

However, with all the talk about Atkins and low carb and diets.. I want everyone to know that we don't actually follow the Atkins diet word for word to what it is. We had modified this diet to work for us and to suite our local lifestyle. Its an adaptation that takes reference to the Atkins diet and thus the reason why when explaining how it works FOR US takes so long... it may be different for you and for your body type and health concerns. Do note this. I can only tell you what we did that worked for us. Do take into consideration that everyone is different and you may have your own health issues and results would vary from person to person.

I've noticed that people are looking up Atkins on google and I've read their concerns on their blogs which can be confusing and misleading for them and maybe even turning them off the idea towards a better self.

I have and still open invitation to those who are SERIOUS in getting to a smaller size. And offer my support online and offline too. But please. DECIDE FIRST and we would need you to throw all the ideas of what you know about food and diets out of the window first and come with an open mind. And make time to meet me.

On another note, CJ, my hubster has also now opened invitation to help those who are keen on BUILDING UP in size. Ie those hubbies who are a little on the lean side who want to build up their bodies and look a little more macho? *ahem*... let me erm... toot toot a little here.... He worked from building down in size as you can see here.. but he can build up others too who want to work the other way up..... and you can rest assured that he's fully qualified as he's a regular Karate Instructor and also with National Coach qualifications... :)

From this in mid 2007...
*pam feeling a little naueaus looking at this picture* *Ahem.. sorry ah dah.. really lah..CMI lah... *

To this.. in 2008... and still building and sculpting..

I'm looking forward to an even more macho lao gong in the months to come due to some upcoming competitions. If you're married or have a boyfriend, think of all the benefits that a fit partner can have!! *cough cough*

And for further inspiration since my blog seems to reach out to a more female crowd. This may be more relevant to you and show you.. that even though I haven't reached my goal yet.. I'm 23kg away. What 17kg of difference can do for a person. This is me.. but what can it do for you? Most Singaporean ladies are only 60+kg on average... losing weight just needs a little more commitment and discipline towards a healthier lifestyle change. Its not impossible.

This was me mid 2007 at around 100kg and this is how I was several years before that. Does anyone remember me like this?I couldn't stand my blur like sotong face so I had to blur it out....but you can tell the magnitude of how bad it was then... and the worst part.. I didn't even realise that I was THAT big!

And this is me... 16kg down. I'm counting from 95kg to 79kg. Feeling fine, not looking haggard like how some people on a diet change think they would be and still on the way down! Now, that I'm down to 78kg, I just have another 23kg to go and I'll definitely reach it. Just watch this space.

That being said. Anyone can do it if they want to. Provided of course if you're healthy and don't have any major health problems but the first step is in the mind. Stop procrastinating and just do it.

But Decide First.

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