Friday, March 07, 2008

Food this week...

Salsa Chicken for Lunch today! After a morning of sweating it out at the gym, I go back to my office to have this... Yummy... Roast Pepper Chicken Salsa! It was so good that up till now.. I'm still a little swollen and rolling about my office floor groaning from being too full!! Hahahahhaa... Greedy lah...

And people go "har!! U eat like this can lose weight meh??!" Of course lah! U think I would sabotage my own diet? Hhaha u must be kidding.. look carefully at my plate.. U will realise that all u see there comes up NOT MORE THAN 20gms of carb... which is typically the daily limit.

What do you see there? A Black Pepper Chicken leg, a chicken sausage, a spoonful of raisins, a handful of green grapes, a spoonful of cashew nuts, a handful of walnuts all tossed in a spicy hot Salsa sauce. And by the side.. my lump of cheese. LOL!

This was one of those "made with love" supper dishes that I made for the hubster.. when he came home after his training, I made this little dish of corned beef omelette man... Its very diet friendly! Definitely less than 10gms of carb here... he came out and looked at it a little stunned... hahahha!

Earlier this week, we had some business at Tanjong Pagar so we had the opportunity to have breakfast at Amoy Street Market..... I had the Yong Tau Foo there and it was GOOD!.. I grade YTF by their serving sizes, variety and their SAUCE! This one. I grade as a 5 out of 5 chopstick Yong Tau Foo!!.. I always have them "dry" without rice or noodles... and always with 2-3 stuffed red chili, kangkong, meatballs, teriyaki chicken, an eggplant, tau foo, and a fried boiled egg... GOOD AH! Must try... :)
I love my food... don't u? Being on a diet is not as bad as you think. Eat and lose weight? Why not? Hahhaa.. I can.

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