Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Workout Music

Everytime We Touch by Cascada.

I workout to music. Namely dance, techno, hip hop and house. I feed on the beat and upbeat tempo. It gives my workouts a higher level of intensity and makes me go on for longer without needing to always hear myself panting.

If you're working out alone, I'd recommend gathering a list of songs for working out and contain listening to them ONLY when you're working out and make them FAST for when you're doing cardio and relaxing when you're stretching.

I keep the songs to only when my workout begins as it helps my body identify when my workout begins and starts to gear up for it. Its psychological so much so that if I hear those songs when I'm NOT working out.. I automatically and naturally start to sweat as my body starts producing adrenaline even if I'm not doing anything but sitting down.

If you can believe it.. Eirian found this song for me and it works out well for me. She found it on You Tube first and said "Mommy! This song nice to run one leh!" I fully agree! Hows that for family support! *Love love my girls*

Other songs now that are good are.... I've got these recommendations since my last post on Whats in your Mp3 player... some are pretty good!!

Low by FLO Rida

Shelly recommended Kayne West's Stronger... its really alright... it gives a good beat for brisk walking but not really something I'd run to.. but then again.. brisk walking is good for fat burning...

Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

Generally, I'd recommend choosing something that you'd enjoy but at least make it something that has a faster beat so that you can use it to pace yourself...


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