Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fina-freaking-ly Broke Plateau!

Oh My Freaking Gawd. Finally.

After 4 months of hitting 79 from November 07, gaining 5.9kg over my carb holiday and Christmas, losing that, hitting the floor at 79 again and then gaining 4kg over CNY then losing that, then hitting the blardy floor at 79 again.

I hit a plateau that I simply couldn't break for a while... TU LAN AH!!!!

So tonight after back from my 6 round run + 100 leg raises + 25 floor climb up my block.....

Fin - freaking - ally... I look down at the scale and see.....


Finally. *dropping to my knees in my head* Please please.. let this not be a fluke because this only means... its GOING DOWN BABY!!!

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTT!!!!! Finally!!!!! Yay!!!

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