Thursday, March 06, 2008

Singaporean Singer: It's real by Olivia Ong

There are a few singers that come out of Singapore that I listen to.. people like Corrine May which sings songs that are quite relaxing... and theres this other lady who is also from our sunny shores...

Olivia Ong.

Olivia is a Singaporean singer. She sings mostly in English but develop her career singing in English and, later, Japanese.Likened to Keiko Matsuda, she won a singing contest and was signed to a Japanese recording company at only 15.After taking her O-level examinations in Singapore, Olivia moved to Japan to further her studies and career as a solo artist. In Japan, she became a member of a Japanese pop (J-pop) group called Mirai, before she released her bestselling debut, "A Girl with Bossa Nova" at only 19.

You can hear more of her songs HERE.

I think she's not that bad actually.. I'm not quite a fan of local artists but I'd listen to these 2 ladies and give them my support.

I've noticed though that most of the Singers that hail from our little red dot tend to sing in a manner that seems like it was created for National Day or at least have a singing style that is very National Day like. Know what I mean?

Think Corrine May.. some of her songs sound like or the way she sings it sounds like something you'd hear as a National Day song.. even this one... or think Taufik Batisah.. he's SO very National Day singer type.. when he was in his throes of winning Singapore idol, I could so imagine him leading all the upcoming National Day songs and with that.. I concluded.. aiyah like that sure win lor! ... blah.

Don't u think? Imagine those music videos we see nearer to August where there are happy Singaporeans, buying a flat lah.. driving down the CTE lah.. graduating and throwing their hats up lah.. buying a flat lah and having a baby and surrounded by Grandma and hubby...blah blah blah. ... all those cliche social images and suggestions that are planted in our Singaporean minds and then the Singer with alot of wind blowing through their hair singing their National Day chosen song..

Argh.. please lor! But still we all sit transfixed to the TV watching the whole song though... Whats wrong with us lah!! Its a conspiracy lah! Anyway... -.-''

I still think this song is quite nice.. I'll listen to it for a while more....


sandra said...

hi, i love this song, do u have it?I'm looking for it, but i have not been able to find it...if u have it, could pls send it to me at:

thanks a lot

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Sandra,

No sorry. I don't have this song. However, even if I did, I cannot distribute it as it would be illegal.

Good luck in finding it though. :)