Sunday, March 23, 2008

Who's your favourite Comedian?

Have you heard of Russel Peters? He's one funny dude. I love watching people when I'm in a constant state of grin. What does this mean? It means I'm literally watching with this goofy open mouth grin on my face and bursting out in little smattering of laughter when I find something amusing. Now tell me this guy isn't funny.. he's damn bloody funny can!!

This one is by Rex Navarette. He is this filipino comedian who lives in the states. Those who can understand the filipino accent, you'd find this absolutely hilarious. In the accent, you'd notice words that start with "P" sounds like "F" and vice versa. Understanding this, you'd understand this video alot more. Hahahahhahaha....

This one is by Dane Cook. American dude.. and really damn freaking funny. Sooooo funny!! U should check him out! He's pretty hot too eh! Enjoy!

Google these guys up and you'll be sure to find a whole host of their work online to enjoy. At least enough to last you a couple of side stitching hours.

Let me know if you have your favourite comedians to recommend! Email me! :)


Eggie said...

Try youtube for Jeff Dunham.. famous Achmed the terrorist clip~.. Damn funny~~

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Eggie!

Thanks! I've just watched it!~

Its bloody funny! I'll post it up. :)