Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fresh from the Oven! More Group Aerobic Instructors to get you all Hot & Sweaty!

For those who did not know, I am one of the key module trainers and also one of the examining assessors for the Group Aerobic Practical examinations at the FISAF Group Aerobic Instructor Course.

The latest batch of newly trained Aerobic instructors was one that I hold dear. With two of my closer dance girlfriends and co-Zumba instructors taking this module, Esther and Zuri. I held high hopes for them to train well and pass with flying colours and flying colours they did have. It was several days of some highs and lows with self esteem and nerves hitting the best of them but never did any of them give up. And with that, my heart shines proud for each individual...

It was also somewhat truely terrifying for me this time as I needed to be impartial and fair to all without putting in the biasness of friendship into play while in training and assessment. It was a test of professionalism too where as much as I wanted my closest to bloom, I recognised the need to groom each and every single one with the same fairness and attention.

This cosy group in particular had great chemistry with great characters and while we will all try to keep in contact. I will name everyone here so if someone here "disappears", we will still be able to "facebook"them and hunt them down.

(From Left to Right: Lennard (Enghwa Lim - Mr Latin Ballroom Dancer), Diane Haslam (FISAF Master Trainer), Serene Yee (Miss KickBoxing Queen), Pamela Sim (me), Esther Lim (Zumba Mama), Christina (Mdm Pilates), Diana (Ms. Hi-Lo), Choy Pek Gan (Miss High Impact), Matt Chung (The Sweetie From Hong Kong) and Zuri Kurmaly (Zumba Mama II).

Everyone put in alot of effort but I would also say that each of them are still raw diamonds. But Diamonds nonetheless. With enough polishing and a little time, each will shine with their own brilliance and style. I look forward to attending each and every one of their classes in the time to come so meanwhile, Congratulations! I'm proud of all of you!

Till December 2010, I will be in training for my 3rd Age (Working with Seniors) Instructor Certification, I know some of you will be back for that so I'll see you then! :) So till I see you again! 4 - 3 - 2 - GRAPEVINE Right! :)

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