Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring Rolls!

The great thing about spring rolls are that you can put anything you want inside them and they'd taste great! The hubster and I decided to make spring rolls last week and it turned out pretty fab!

Whats in it? A mixture of luncheon meat & hotdogs fried with garlic & ginger, hardboiled eggs *chopped* and cabbage & haebee aka rehydrated dried prawns. I fried everything separately as seen here with the usual soysauce, salt and pepper seasonings and we took some time to wrap them up.

The "raw" rolls ready to be fried... there were so many, we had them for lunch and for dinner too! Dipped in garlic chili and red rose sweet black sauce. Will be stocking up on more spring roll wraps again soon and will try another combination. Try your own spring roll combo and share a picture with me! :) Enjoy.

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