Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(ADV) Lipbalm. Never leave home without it.

Really. I NEVER leave home without lipbalm. I have lipbalm in every bag I own, on my tables, on my shelves, in my spare gym bag, in my wallet even! And I try all types to find those that work for me that would hydrate my lips for at least more than an hour rather than those that are lipgloss types.

Sure, lipglosses look pretty but they're drying and unfortunately for me, my addiction to lipbalms may be somewhat of a problem. If for some reason, I find that I'm without lipbalm and I'm out, theres no stopping me from heading to the nearest retailer to get another tube or I would be extremely irritable and my lips would literally dry out. Unfortunately, I assume however though that my lips may have lost their natural moisture to remain soft without lipbalm thus the addiction over the years. Apart from the fruity smells or the minty lip plumping feeling that I love...

I've tried many on the market and only a small few work that are not too greasy. It was to my delight then when Mentholatum contacted me to review their lipbalms. LIPBALMS!! I heart lipbalms so here they are!

Presenting their new range of Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalms with real, natural fruit juice and honey! They smell fabulous!! and the new pair of new and updated Mentholatum Deep Moist new ultra hydrating lipbalms.

It was so exciting opening the package and seeing a whole bunch of colourful packs of something that I really cannot live without and without further ado, I ripped them out to give them a sniff and to see how well they withstood the lip retention test. Lucky them.. these pass with my seals of approval for longer lasting hydration. Yep! Yep! I'm definitely using them.

What flavours are available? I have 3 here but there are actually 5 different kinds and I want the other 2 too!! As seen here, Mojitate Kajitsu Strawberry, Mojitate Kajitsu Orange & Mango and Mojitate Kajitsu Lemon & Lime in the familiar twist up tube packaging in bright cheery colours we're all familiar with... they smell like candy! But it doesn't have that overwhelming nauseating sweet smell, its kind of like taking a whiff of a fruity drink..

The other two flavours available are Mojitate Kajitsu Grape & Berry and Mojitate Kajitsu White Peach. "Mojitate" means "Fresh". "Kajitsu" means "Fruits" in Japanese.

Did you know that the Mentholatum range of lipbalms is the #1 Best selling Lipbalm brand in Japan!? So perhaps now it can be #1 here in Singapore too eh?

The launch of the Mojitate Kajitsu is in line with the growing demands for natural products with consumers increasingly interested in natural/organic products. Made with Fresh fruit juice which contains essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the lips and body. It also contains Honey which heals and renews the lips.

Other moisturising boosters such as Squalane which help to reduce wrinkles caused by aging and sun damage, Grapeseed oil which helps to repair skin and Vitamins A & E which are antioxidants that retard lip aging and gives lips a healthy shine.

These lipbalms are retailing at only SGD$5.90 each exclusively at all Watsons stores! Go grab yours now!

For those who prefer menthol or natural balms as opposed to their fruity counterparts. Their other variants are the Mentholatum Deep Moist Menthol *minty feeling* and Deep Moist Natural. *fragrance free*

These two variants owe their success to 2 main factors. Its premium hydrating ingredients at value pricing and its elegant, new ergonomic packaging design.

Whats in them? Hyaluronic acid which forms a smooth moisture locking shield for softer smoother lips. It can hold up to 1000x its weight in water or 6 litres of water with just 1g! ... amazing!! (pats lips). Shea Butter heals the skin and gives the balm a soft pleasant texture and Jojoba oil gives prolonged (exactly what I look for) hydration.

Its emerald green oval shaped container fits the corner of the mouth well and makes it easy to apply with a single swipe. And it fits easily into my wallet too without being too bulky! *slides one in the coin pouch of my wallet*

The Mentholatum Deep Moist lipbalms retail at SGD$7.90 each exclusively at Watsons stores. And one more peek of the fruity range before we sign off for today.. thanks for reading! *swipes lipbalm over lips* .. if you're a lip balm addict like me... you'd love the new range. :) I know I do.

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rinaz said...

Oooh, I've been using lipbalm since my secondary school days ... and that's donkey years ago :-p

Will try to look out for the deep moisturizing one, that looks interesting :-)