Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I has a Kitteh!

Introducing Misty! The new member of our family! We adopted her from a fosterer from the Cat Welfare Society last Friday. She's settling in well so far!

Born in April 2010 and is currently around 5.5 months old. Fully vaccinated and is due to be sterilised next month. She loves to be carried, hugged and showers daily. Eats 1 tablespoon of food 2-3 times a day with dried food available at all times of the day in her food bowl.

Very affectionate, curious, playful and meows softly unless its time to eat. Then cat meowing hell breaks loose where she starts "mewing" till her food bowl reaches the floor filled with cat food. Comes running when called and snuggles with us at night. Has found her favourite spot in the house on top of my rolling Ikea wardrobe where she can sleep peacefully and look down on everything from a high point. Wears white "boots" and white front paw "socks", a patch of white on her chest & soft white squishy belly otherwise she's all shiny black and puffy.

Currently learning how to "shake paw" with some daily treats. I'm hopeful! She has already put her paw on my hand. And next she'll learn BANG! *kitteh flops to the ground*... when she does this successfully, I'll post up the video here! :) Meows!

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