Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Universal Studios Rocks!!

Last Sunday, my mom, my 2 younger sisters plus my dad organised an outing to Universal Studios with my girls and me. It was quite unusual considering too that my 2nd sister and my mom had flown in from the Philippines this time to be around for such an outing.

I loved it there! It didn't quite matter that the really large roller coaster wasn't open yet because all the other rides and shows were so enjoyable! We went there right after lunchtime and left when everything closed after 6pm and that wasn't enough! It was just enough for us to take quite abit of rides and go to some shows but I don't think we covered everything! We must go back!!

For some strange reason tho, in the pictures that we took that day. No matter whos camera was used - everyone looked bloated and swollen but .. pfft! Whatever! It was still really fun.

Group shot above in the streets taken by my dad... and pictures with Woody Woodpecker and the Cat from Shrek!! So cute lah!!

We caught the Madagascar Carousel ride, the Shrek 4D Adventure show, some Shrek Mini barrel ferris wheel, Waterworld, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer, Revenge of the Mummy (went twice!!), Accelerator, Lights - Camera - Action show and the Monster Rock show.

Took several shots over at certain picture opportunity points along the streets and in the shops.

My driller girls for the day... and Eirian dropped another tooth again!! Each time we hit Sentosa - she goes in with at least ONE loose tooth thats usually hanging by a single root. She must have swallowed it as it was loose when we reached there and it was gone after dinner! Last time we hit Sentosa - Post can be found HERE.

And they were very happy when we popped by Loui's NY Pizza Parlor for dinner... where my dad bought them a huge tall bottle of grape soda... and a full sized *crazy large but on thin crust* pepperoni and hawaiian pizza with pasta bolognaise and spicy wings on the side.

Yummy but expensive as expected. But they were pleased as you can see... we'll be back again sometime... Love love love Universal Studios.. and we'll probably hit down to Resorts World, Sentosa again sometime soon again just to walk about the shops there to get more popcorn n candy without going in to US yet since we only need to take a bus down from Vivocity.

Have you been to Universal Studios yet? Theres so much to do.. one day is really just not enough.. I want to ride the rides again and again till I spin around silly and fall down laughing... don't you?

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