Monday, October 04, 2010

Comfort Food... Pasta

Simple easy to whip up one dish meals in 30 minutes kind of meals are popular in my house, specially when I only have the early morning to make something quick before I head out to teach for the day.

Whats always found in my house? Hotdogs - mmm nitrates are yummy.. *snigger*, minced pork, melted cheese and pasta... and when thrown together with some tomato sauce, white n black pepper, italian spices, diced onions and a generous handful of minced garlic - we get lunch and sometimes dinner too coz I cook big!! *For the hubster and my girls at least*... Noms... noms... noms... comfort food. Warm hotdog pasta covered in melted cheese is always a winner in my house ...(yes yes,I know I didn't put the cheese yet for this picture - it eventually came after)

So whats your comfort food?

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