Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bioré Makeup Removers!

If you're as vain as me.. okay.. so I admit it.. I'm really vain.. *shrugs & flips hair* - walks past reflection.. check myself out.. hahahaha! But hey!! Admit it.. who doesn't check themselves out?! And of course, I play with makeup too! Love them!

Whats on my face for this shot? A little more than what I usually use so that I can really see what I can take off with my new makeup removers... yep! I'm reviewing some in this post!

Base - Bodyshop Face moisture cream + primer (Monistat) + Revlon Beyond Natural liquid foundation (rarely used except for shoots and this post).

Eyes & Cheeks - Lolita New York Mineral Makeup - Eyeshadow (Shimmer range) + Pink Blusher + Loose Finishing Powder.

Eyes - Dark Brown eyebrow pencil. (Brand unknown), Revlon Color Stay Dark Brown Eyeliner, Maybelline Magnum Express Mascara. No Colored Contacts today...

Lips - Revlon Midnight Swirl Lip Gloss.

And what I have today are 3 makeup removers, the one above is the Bioré Hydra-Clear Makeup remover. This one is a water based formulation so if you've got eyelash extensions and need to remove makeup around or on it. This would be your best bet. Cooling with an Aqua Floral scent. Very refreshing after a long day of having makeup plastered all over your face - specially after a shoot where layers and layers of foundation and powder are smacked all over you with each touchup before filming... Honeymeow rating for this product? 8 out of 10 meows.

What happened to the 2 points?
Well, for this product unfortunately, irritated my eyes. Although instructions mentioned to keep your eyes closed while using this to remove eye makeup, I teared quite abit for at least 15 minutes after makeup removal as some of the liquid went into my eyes. Was it effective? Sure it was.. but a product suited for me? Not really. So moving on to the next one.. yes! We have 3 kinds to check out here...

Wonder what else to use to remove all that gunk off my face... hmn.... another one! The Bioré Makeup remover for Eye and Lip... I have to say this one in advance.. I LOVE this one.. Honeymeow Rating for this one! 10 out of 10 meows! I will definitely use this one more and repeatedly in the future... And you'll see why below...

Not only is it preeeettty in pink.. hehehe! It comes in such a nice jewel bottle. Mix it up before use and pout onto a cotton pad. Its Micro Cleansing Formula softens heavily layered waterproof mascara.. and hey! Anything that removes my eyeliner that fast is FABULOUS!!... and my eyeliner is waterproof/longlasting/longstaying kind too. If I don't conciously remove it, it can stay on for 3 days and still look the same without smudging! But then again, who wants to go to bed with makeup on anyway.. skin needs to breathe! So here it is, squirt a couple of drops onto a cotton pad and...

Slap it on to your eye and just give it a couple of seconds. Prod it a little.. and...

in just a couple of seconds and with a gentle cottony wiggle, you can lift off your cotton pad and see just how much it has removed! Pretty cool huh! And as you can see it took only 3 cotton pads to remove every thing till complete cleanliness from half my face... no tight feeling and no oily feeling either! I really felt fresh!

And it took only a few gentle swipes to get everything off. No more hard excessive wiping on the eyes to get everything off... I like and I think my eyes and facial skin will thank me in time to come for being gentle to it..

I have another treat for you since you're reading this and if you're located in Singapore, you can redeem some product samples for FREE!! Just Click on the link below and follow the instructions to redeem your free sample!

The sample set includes 1 Travel size of Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip (15ml), 1 Travel size of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets(2 Pcs) and its FREE!! Click the above to redeem. :)

Available from now till 31st October 2010 only.

What you see above is another makeup remover below.. The Bioré Cleansing Oil-in-Cotton Sheets. A total of 48 sheets in a regular sized dispenser. Beats having to deal with liquid bottles and cotton pad and is easy to use.

How the packaging is like on the shelf as you see on the shelves above. And packaging when you open it below...

And the other half of my face needed makeup removed so I placed a sheet on my eye, waited a couple of seconds and voila! Again! Makeup was transferred off just like that! Personally I liked the squishy feeling of more liquid from the pink remover where I could put more liquid on the cotton pad and literally feel the makeup melting off my face as it drips than having pre-soaked sheets like this. But its definitely convenient and not as "messy".

It only took me 2 sheets to remove all my makeup on the remaining half of my face so 1 box would last me around 12 days of makeup free freshness! And thats if I wear makeup everyday continuously for nearly 2 weeks... Not too bad.. Honeymeow Rating for this one.. 9 out of 10 meows... gentle on the skin.. was a little dryer than I would have liked it but then again, I like the excessive drip of makeup removers so no fault to the sheets at all.. it may be perfect for you perhaps..

And once again.. if you're a makeup fan... you've gotta remember to NEVER sleep with your makeup on... skin has gotta breathe and you don't want to end up clogging your pores...

Out of all thats available in the market... and if you're not sure of what to buy and use.. check these out... again.. redeem a trial set first before you decide. LINK HERE.. and stay pretty.. :) ~ Thanks for reading! And keep on reading! Oh! And email me to say Hi! If you have the time!

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