Monday, October 04, 2010

Fried Beehoon

I had a craving so it became todays food for all at home. Lunch was up and ready by 730am today. Relatively simple to make but for me, I needed 2 pans to get it together. If you're interested, here's how its done and whats in it. :) Estimated 12 servings on plate or around 20 loosely packed ricebowl size.

1 pack of dried beehoon (400gms) - Soaked in water till soft. (Takes about an hour in room temperature water)

Ingredient Set (A)
1 can of luncheon meat - diced
1 pack of seafood stick - each stick cut into 4 pieces.
6 dried shiitake mushrooms - rehydrated & sliced
6 fresh shiitake mushrooms - sliced
6 cloves of garlic - minced
2 small red onions - diced

Ingredients Set (B)
20 cents worth of beansprouts aka tau gay - washed well & soaked in water till ready to fry. Drain water before frying.
1 bunch of Chai Sim Green leafy vegetable - cut into 3 inch length stalks.

Ingredients Set (C)
2 med. cans of braised pork

7 fresh chicken eggs - beaten & fried into scrambled eggs.
Top with eggs, deep fried onions aka bawang goreng plus chili-padi & soy sauce mix if preferred.

Stirfry all of ingredients (A) in one pan. When onions are clear, luncheon meat golden and mushrooms sufficiently cooked (around 8-10 mins), add in ingredient (C) - just the braised pork and cook for another 3 minutes till the pork is heated through then transfer everything into large unheated wok.

Pour some oil & sauce from braised pork can and stirfry beansprouts & chai sim in pan till cooked. Transfer on top of ingredients (A+C) in wok.

Pour remaining amount of liquid from the braised pork cans & fry beehoon in pan, whilst constantly adding water when the water gets soaked up by the noodles. Keep around a cup of water ready to keep topping up while tossing the noodles in the pan. Add salt, white pepper & soy sauce to taste. Ensure the pan of noodles doesn't dry up and remains moist during noodle cooking. When done, pour all the noodles into the waiting wok of ingredients. Mix all the ingredients & beehoon together in the unheated wok. Cover and leave alone.

Beat & scramble the eggs in the pan. Top the noodles with the eggs when cooked and your beehoon would be sitting warm and ready till its time to eat. Top with fried onions & chili-padi.
Enjoy!! :)

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