Friday, May 30, 2008

Yummilicious! Cremo!!

If you like Ice Cream, you MUST try Cremo. This is really a hidden gem if you manage to find it. You might be able to find it at some obscure supermart somewhere. I have yet to find it at neighbourhood minimarts or the usual supermarkets. What you see above are mixed berries that CJ buys for me from Phoon Huat.. goes perfectly with ice-cream!!
For us, we headed down to the 24hr budget supermart nearby that caters for blue collar workers and grabbed some of these one evening not knowing that we found GOLD!!!

Its different from mainstream ice cream... you know which brands I'm talking about.. standard types like Walls or Nestlé brand lah... yes yes.. they're good in their own way ..and definitely not compared to premiums like Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Daaz etc... but Cremo is a winner with us.

I HIGHLY recommend it if you're an ice cream eater. All their flavours are good. And its DAMN BLOODY CHEAP!!!! We buy each 500gm small tub for SGD$1.80 only!

$1.80 for such goodness... its really REALLY GOOD. Super creamy. Dense, heavily flavourful and it actually tastes different from your standard issue brands & flavours...

They have 12 flavours in this mini tub. And All of them are GOOD. *cough* yes, I've tried all of them mini tubs... they also have a 6 litre pack which goes to restaurants/hotels/caterers which has a whole host of other flavours... *I want!!!!!* (screams)

Can you relate? Its when you take a spoon and put it into your mouth and either ur eyes start rolling back into your head out of sheer pleasure and your hand starts to tremble and you unconciously grasp the cup closer to you in sheer selfishness...

Or u start going "oh! oh! oh!! *while mumbling with the melting ice cream in your mouth* GOOD GOOD GOOD! MMMmmmmm!!!!" (nod nod nod) {nudge nudge} partner who's experiencing the same antagonising pleasure....wah lau... This is it.

Vanilla - Very Very dense vanilla flavour... *slurps*, excellent with all toppings.

Chocolate - Heavy on the chocolate flavour... tastes like melted chocolate.

Chocolate Chip - Just like vanilla with chocolate chips.. *good!!*

Strawberry - Creamy blended strawberry, no pips and perfect for that milkshake.

Yam - This one is my favourite. Its SO different from typical yam ice cream. Its almost like the yam was baked before it was processed and its creamy and like frozen OR NEE! *aka yam paste* Fhwoa lao!! Good!!

Coffee - Coffee lovers.. this is so damn good. Like a really creamy 3 in 1 coffee blend.

Rum & Raisin - This one is insane, the rum in this tastes so real. You even get the nose tingling feeling of drinking alcohol.. not recommended for children.. and there are chewy raisin bits inside...

Durian - Ok.. durian lovers line up. Its like blended durian puree in vanilla icecream... good ah!

Jackfruit - Pungent just like the real thing... very fruity... another yummy one.

Tropicana - Tropicana ... I tried this once before, but don't have it on hand right now and forget how it tastes although I know its was definitely good too.. I don't have one that I dislike yet!

Sweet Corn - If u like corn, you'd like this one... creamy corn... very shiok!!

Coconut - Just like frozen coconut milk... not too jelat and very easy on the throat...

So... if you ever want to get me ice cream.. make it a Cremo...don't say I never give you any good lobangs okay! *yummilicious 5 out of 5 recommendation!!* Drooolllsss.....


jusapasserby said...

hi! where did you get this cremo icecream from?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Passerby. We get our stash from UK Fish Village Pte Ltd (24hrs Supermarket) no. 43 Lorong 21 Geylang off Sims Avenue.

Selamat said...

Hi, been crazy about cremo ice cream as well, but do u know where can I get this ice cream around city, beside geylang?


Aka Pamela S. said...

Sorry. I don't know anywhere else that sells it other than the one at Geylang.

Anonymous said...

I think around little india there's one shop close to mustafa center (about 20-30 meter to the direction of traffic light intersection) sell cremo ice cream. :)