Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Lauren, Eirian and myself would like to say.... HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY JOSHUA! Thanks for inviting us to your party!

Aunty Pam here with a big big smile and a *mmmuakks!* ((pat pat)) Good baby boy! Grow up big and strong ok! We hope you like your presents!

Mama Shelly booked a bouncy castle! The girls loved it! Boing! Boing!

Papa Nash then filled the baby pool for some splashing good time!

And a splashing good time they did have!

Joshua peering over the veranda...pondering.."oohh swimming pool! I also want! Aunty Pam? Can you bring me to swim? Pwease?"

Pam shakes head. "sorry baby... maybe later?"

Joshua: "awwwwww!!!" pout.

Joshua: "then will you stop taking so many photos of me?"
Pam smiles and puts her camera away...only for a short while... until she sees! FOOD!! *drools*

Mama Shells ordered from Melrose Bake House. And the food was good!! Perennial Favourites like Siew Mai, Lemon Fish, Fish balls and pork & mushroom! *Yummy!!*She ordered the Queen's Choice Delight that was for SGD$11 per pax with 11 dishes... very worth it lor! I'll be trying this caterer when I need one next!

Tofu with mixed vegetables and Cereal Prawns... both good... *salivating*

And I would assume these 2 dishes were good too but I didn't touch them.. carbs lah... too much refined carbs but since it was almost finished when I went there towards the end.. It must be good lah... Fried Rice and Curry Chicken... Hmmmmm.....

My favourites were the Diced Chicken Yam Ring... I took so much of this.. and yah lah.. Yam is carbs.. but fwoah lao.. so good lah! *going to need to run this week so much for this...* and some mini tarts... this one was actually the last one on the tray.. hahah hot stuff!

And who can resist jelly!! Jeh leeee!!! I looooove Jelly.. so do my girls and Eirian wacked so many of these rainbow coloured ones.. I was afraid she would start changing colour!

And soon it was time for the cake! 2kg Pandan cake from Bengawan Solo. Piglet! So cute lah... I've never seen a green cake before.. but since its pandan flavoured, I guess that makes sense to make it green.

Look how serious Joshua looks at his cake.. Hahha! Cute lah... Mama Shelly lighting the cake, we all sing the song, la la la la.... and Joshua making his little baby birthday wish....

Yum Yum.. Birthday cake... Eirian would have taken more if she wasn't drawn towards the bouncy castle again and again...

So here goes! Mama Shelly and Papa Nash getting ready to blow out the candle... take a deep breathe in... and blooooow!!! PPPffffffftttttttt........ *ok lao hong liao hahaaha*.. and then mommy takes a second to enjoy the moment....

Yummy cake!! .... so after cake it was a little more boing boing bouncy castle and then it was time to go home....

Me, feeling extremely stuffed.... and a little sleepy from all that food... looking forward to my nap... heh heh heh... Thanks for the invite Shelly....

But Lauren and Eirian still reeling from all that bouncy play and sugar intake on the way home... Happy Birthday Joshua baby! ....*many hugs from the Sims*

God Bless.


Prettymask said...

Your gals are growing so big. You look totally beautiful...and your friend kid, Joshua is so cute..pouty lips..haha

Aka Pamela S. said...

Babe... I miss you so much and I can't wait to meet Peanut! *rub rub ur tummy*

xiu said...

i was searching for reviews on melrose catering when I chanced upon ur blog. Thanks for the lovely pictures, do u know whether the serving size is generous? (did ur frd order for the exact no. of guests or less?)

Thank you!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi! It might be better to ask Shelly herself?