Monday, June 30, 2008

Pam's 30th Birthday PART 1

How come it feels like forever to reach 21 years old but its a blink of an eye from then to 30? I can't believe I'm turning 30 in 2 days time! Am I really going into my 30s? How did I get here SO FAST? ....

Anyway.. while I'm pondering that to myself... my aunty Irene decided to organise a Toh family gathering in celebration of my Big 3-0.

And here goes a group shot of very hungry adults and children before we wacked the food! We didn't even wait for the whole group to arrive hahahaha..faster take the photo lah! We want to EAT! EAT! EAT!

and... a drool worthy pic of the Toh Sisters.. Alex and me...I like this one bc we both look so relaxed! And this is minus one sister. Jackie whos in the Philippines with Mom... *ahem.. not bad eh. ((cough cough))*

And of course.. take one with my D!... He looks really tired but I think he's just a little tipsy.. he was chugging red wine each time I turned to look at him. I think he can't believe his daughter is 30 either... hahaha we're all in denial.

Because.. If I'm 30!... bwuhahaa.. that makes him 52 years young... hhahaha...

So whats a gathering/party WITHOUT FOOD!! .... yumm...

The only thing u won't see in the upcoming pics is that little splotch of brown muck in the top right hand corner.. thats really REALLY good Rendang.. heh heh...

So whats on the spread? Fried fish, Otak, Satay Sauce and Pork...

Satay, onions, cucumber and ketupat!

And since we already have peanut sauce, might as well make Gado Gado!... I wacked the tin of keropok! And homemade chicken curry with potatoes, mixed veggies and prata!!

After eating... was a little playtime n fooling around with the decorations.. My aunt made little signs for me so she made everyone wear them with me with the "poster" that my little cousin, Steffie coloured for me earlier in the day... *grin*

And I REALLY like this picture for many reasons... 1st.. my dad is smiling. He rarely smiles. 2nd.. he's really sporting to wear this bc he would NEVER look so "uncool" and wear something like that on a normal day and 3rd.. I don't get alot of pictures with him..

And Alex and me...AGAIN.....

And my Aunt Adeline... who is the PR director of Four Seasons Hotel btw.. bwuahahah... she's too elegant to put on the cardboard sign so normal picture it is...

From the left to right: My Aunty Irene who lovingly organised this gathering, my Uncle David who wanted to burst out laughing and who is a DAMN BLARDY FILTHY rich retired guy who looks strangely like a young photocopy of my dad whos sports cars make people DROOOL pails of saliva each time he drives past. Notice I wrote carS. Not just. Car. Insane lah. Insane!

And finally my Grandmama... she's so sweet!! She also can't believe her eldest grandchild is 30!!

And my Uncle David's Youngest Daughter aka my youngest cousin, Mikayla! So cute lah!

My Twin cousins, my uncle Davids other daughters... Samantha and Vanessa.. and the one in the middle... my Aunty Irenes eldest daughter, Nicolette. I know I'm old when I see these 3 get bigger and more into women rather than little girls each time I see them..

And I had cakes! Not one but two!! From Jane's Cake Station. Chocolate Fudge cake and Durian Cake!! Very very sinful and good.

And of course, a family photo with my lao gong, CJ and my girls.

And time to blow the candles... made 2 wishes since I had 2 cakes and I hope they come true!! Here's Eirian worried that I might light my hair up on fire so she's holding it up... so sweet lah also she!! :)

So thats it for First Installment of my 30th Birthday.. not sure if I would have something on on my actual day on the 2nd of July... but the next installment to the celebrations will be coming up this Saturday with specially invited family and friends. If you have not yet RSVPed me, PLEASE DO SO NOW.

It would be a first to have my friends and family gathered together for my birthday at one place. Many of you would not have met each other before but you would have heard me talking about each and every one of you some time in my life before.

You have been invited because you are special to me.

And I will try not to cry because I'm really really touched that you all have made time to spend the evening with me *ahem, and also bc I don't want to ruin my makeup hahahhaa*
I'm looking forward to meeting everyone...

You guys know who you are... See you all on Saturday.

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Prettymask said...

Wish i could have been there sweetie ;) REally wanna to do a bash for all of us turning 30 this year....any ideas?? Wow its been ages since i saw your dad. He looks very fit ;) Please say Hi to him..You look beautiful as always ;)