Monday, June 16, 2008

Amuse yourself with some randomness...

I've been busy so you won't get alot of dedicated posts till I've somewhat settled down on the work front. I was randomly going through some pictures the other day and have selected 12 misc. pictures that either thoroughly amused me, made me smile or smirk or just made me go... ahh.. haven't posted this one before or perhaps I missed it out.. so without further ado, here goes...

Picture #1. As above... that is SUCH an old photograph of me and CJ over at Sentosa more than a DECADE ago... I think perhaps it was 1995? Blardy hell.. I was still a teenager then OKAY! Not alot has changed since then... lol 'cept that we're now older and ... wiser?

Picture#2 - Eirian when she was 1+ caught EATING MILK POWDER again! We would have to put the milk tins high up on the shelf so that she couldn't reach them!

Picture #3 - Since then we have graduated to our favourite brand of fresh milk.. we could drink LITRES and litres of this each week. MEIJI!! Yummy!!

Picture #4 - Random amusing image that CJ sent to me some days back. If you're chinese, you'd understand this. If you're reading this and you're not.. its something like a joke in chinese dialect. Gotta understand it to appreciate it kind.

Picture #5 - I saw this some time last year at a cafe near my working place at Aljunied. As I browsed their menu.. I was amused to note that they had Shrimp DUMPING... err.. gah! isn't dumping... err.. shit?... ok anyway.. and Pork RID noodles!... ok.. this place has much to be desired.. but u know what.. despite the "amusing menu". The food is DAMN GOOD LOR!

Picture #6 - My twin and I.... NOT..... I already have sisters... and thus we move on to...

Picture #7 - Taken at Christmas Day Dinner 2007. Me and my REAL younger sister, Alexandra.

Picture #8 - Alex with her best friends, Lynette and John. She ALWAYS tells me that John and her are JUST friends but I ALWAYS say.. UH HUH... riiiighhht... they look like they'd make a pretty couple but NOOOO... he's a friend. Full Stop. Period. (Alex smacking me on the arm again and again "Shaddup shaddup!! Shhhh!! Stop it! A friend damn it! Friend!!"... )

Yeah... right.. *nudge nudge* I know u're reading this Lex... bwuahahhahaaha....I think someone is in denial.

Picture #9 - This was Christmas eve 2007 Dinner over at my place where my family had Molemole and her family come over for a joint celebration.. food was GREAT... and the presents were.. INSANE. It was literally a MOUNTAIN.

Foodwise, I made creamy mushroom pasta, potato salad, garlic baguette, grilled vegetables. My in laws prepared the turkey, hams and sausages and molemole brought over herbal tiger
prawns. We had so much food, alot to drink ie sparkling grape juice... and chocolate fondue! *burp* TOO GOOD.

Picture #10 - Strawberry Milk Ice that CJ and I have after our session at the gym at the Bugis Foodcourt. So good and so refreshing and soooo sweet. Love it! Shaved ice, with fresh strawberries, strawberry syrup, strawberry jam, evaporated milk and condensed milk... Fwoah! Nice lah!

Picture #11 - This is how I found my girls one morning when I came in to check on them. Snuggled together under their comforter, hugging and snoring. Now say this with me... AWWWWW....

Picture #12 - And the final AWWWW!! So cute this kitten!! I want! I want!! I want!!!!


Shelly said...

Pic #1 - You were so slim! But why he look the same!?

Pic #2 - Ahem. Eating milo powder anyone?! U know where those genes came from... hur hur.

Pic #4 - I still think your sis is damn chio.

Pic #11 - Why are they topless?!? But yes, very sweeeeeet. Awwwwww.

Hee hee.

Aka Pamela S. said...

1. So even when I was around 55-58.. I still look so big right.. so I'd expect that when I reach that size, I'd still be bigger than the regular Singaporean. And as for CJ, I think he looks better now hahaha...

2. Yes, *ahem* u remember that I EAT MILO POWDER.... *hahahaha*

4. Yeap, that seems to be a common reaction to her hhahaha

11. They don't sleep with shirts usually. I always find them topless in the morning even if they went to bed with full pyjamas.

Prettymask said...

oh my gosh , the pic of you and CJ, we were all 15 then i think. Alex is so grown up