Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Salad Again?!?! and Body Combat

I LOVE my salads. I can have them all the time... and today, I really earned a big bowl like this to go with my glasses of milk. Milk helps recovery post workout btw. Even though milk has carbs, the pros outweigh the carbs that I've to factor in for this so, milk it is... Yumm!!!

What do you see here? My standard issue of ingredients if you've noticed over the past salad entries...

Iceberg Lettuce, Black Pepper Chicken leg meat, a small handful of cauliflower*, a small handful of broccoli*, a small sprinkling of snow pea*, thinly sliced yellow and red pepper slivers, roasted cashew nuts, a small handful of raisins, boiled fresh mushrooms* all drizzled with zesty italian dressing


**Note that I've asterisked some of the ingredients as these ingredients were boiled on Sunday when we were preparing another meal so is already cooked and not raw** I find that just putting aside little bits of vegetables/meat/condiments in little packs can help supplement a meal like this during the week and really adds alot of variety without alot of preparation time.

Preparation time for this big bowl of salad? 5 minutes.

**warning - this video clip is VERY LOUD so please tune down your speakers before clicking on it**

And today was a little crazy at the gym. After a full cardio workout plus leg raises plus crunches, I walked past the gym studio and realised they were starting Body Combat class! Whooot!! I've always missed the class due to timing so I thought "I've got an hour, what the heck!" and bravely went in.

I haven't stepped into a combat class in over 3 years! So I had to announce that it was my first class. *ahem, technically lah!* I'd have to say that the instructor was really very helpful and it didn't take me long to get used to being back in class. You don't exactly forget the moves just that it took some time for me to hear what she was saying and follow. I'm sure I'll be better next week.

The clip above is a sampling of body combat class and with the hour that I did this plus the workout prior to that, I can safely say that I've exceeded a 1000 calorie burn today.

Yep, thats me. Not used to seeing me without all those false eyelashes eh? Haha! As unglam as they come while working out and recovering on the gym floor from all that workout. Phew!!~

What did I get out of that? A really SNG but feeling alot lighter and toned body. But this kind of SNG *sour sour feeling* is really addictive because I know that I've worked muscles and even with the miniscule tears, they will heal and build.

Would I recommend it if you're a gym member? Definitely. Its a really good workout. Try it!

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