Friday, May 30, 2008

Puppy Love.. do you remember?

If you didn't catch that last part, Umi says her boyfriend is Hong Ming. Thus the look on his face...

Aww, do you remember your puppy love? *soft fluffy clouds enter my mind... soft music in the playground and the scene becomes blurry and twinkly as I recall...*

Mine was a little spanish boy with brown hair named Adam. I was 6. I remember him as being a little scruffy, a little tan, a little stout, with a thick mop of brown hair on his head and we were in grade one together in the Taiwan American School.... We were in the same homeroom under Mrs. Champion.. a really nice smiley american lady who had sons who went to the same school.

Adam sat next to me in class. Stood next to me when we were lining up. Blocked people when I wanted a drink from the water fountain and pushed me up the slides when I couldn't get up.

Once in a while, he would bring me a sweet which he put into my pocket and I would bashfully skip away in the playground to secretly covet my new "sweet" and hang upside down on the swinging rings.

People would tease like how they did in those days "Adam and Pammy sitting in a tree, *spell* k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Pammy with a baby carriage!!"

Neh neh neh puu puuuu.... *stick out tongue* ((bish)) Why must be ME with the baby carriage meh? Cannot be the guy mehhhh??!! Blah...

Ahhh.. such is the thing called puppy love... *snapping out of the midst, music stops playing abruptly--> back into reality...*

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