Wednesday, August 27, 2008

People are Gossiping about me....

I know it. Twice today, I encountered it.

First, just before dance class started. One of the class ladies whom I thought was an excellent dancer came up to chat with me. Introduced herself *gah!! I forgot her name...* and I shook her hand and introduced myself.

"I'm Pamela"... and what happened next was a little unexpected.

"OHHHHHH!!!!! So YOU'RE Pamela!!!!"

*Me looking stunned* "Huh? What do you mean?"

"Oh... there has been ALOT of talk about you!! So its YOU!"

*Still stunned with wide eyes* "Good talk I hope?" *wondering if I should be worried or flattered*

She then leaned over and patted my knee since we were sitting by the glass wall "Very very good, no worries... you are very good... "

Whoa!! *blush like mad* "Thanks!!"

And then my imagination went wild. What the heck else is being gossipped about me!?! Please please.. let it be good. I was even more alarmed to find out as we spoke that apparently this group of ladies KNOW alot about other students in class too.. from serious digging into background to family history to what they're good at and what they're not... FWOAH LAO EH.... as she asked me more about myself, I was wary... just in case.. as everything is on a need to know basis only... Ask ONLY if you need to know.. just in case.

Second encounter, I was on the MRT on the way back from the gym... and I heard some soft talking beside me...

"whisper whisper.... pamela?.... is that her? whisper whisper"

I turned to look around.. I could have sworn I heard my name... then I saw 2 working ladies.

GRINNING at me like they knew me... I just smiled back.

"I think its really her leh.... she's quite pretty hor..."

-.-'' (in my mind.... just keep smiling Pam.. just keep I know them? *racking my brain to see where I may have seen them before). I peeked over and I realised... they were holding Simply Her, September issue on their lap. OOOOHHHH..... as realisation smacks me in the face...



Relax said...

That is a sign that you are becoming a celebrity blogger :P

Adele said...

Can I also have your autograph??

Aka Pamela S. said...

Relax: These people don't know I blog. Hahahaa...!

Adele: Augstn? Hey Whos the celebrity here! I should be getting YOURS!!! hugs babe..

arzhou said...


krisandro said...

WAHAHAHHA!! I took photo with you already! CAN SELL! WOOO HOOO!!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Arzhou : Oooooo....

Kris : Wah lau eh... -.-''