Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sexy Bathtub Dancer - David O'mer

This bathtub act has been showing on Channel 5 at around 1am these past 2 nights. *Yes, I'm still up and not sleeping* The first time I caught it last night, CJ went "Oh! I saw this before".. and there I was going "whoa!! Hot!!"... *reminding myself to blink* and AGAIN!

It showed on TV again tonight... (pushing my gaping mouth closed - BLINK PAM BLINK!).... Hot lah! This is a HAWT act. Its probably his only act but its really not that bad!

Gah!! Look at his arms and back lah..*whistle* I have this thing for strong arms and a lean back..... heh heh.. *lean on hubby's arms and stroking his back... *

This was performed at the Just for Laughs Festival show.

Enjoy! (Anyone have a higher resolution video?) and No.. this is not my dance instructor David if you were wondering. He would be laughing his columbian ass off if he knew people thought this was him. Just sit back and watch the show... :)

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