Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Weightloss Inspired Story

It was a pleasant surprise this morning when a lady that I spoke to sometime back regarding her weightloss issues buzzed me on msn with wonderful news.

She went from 64kg to 43kg in 3 months and I couldn't be happier for her for her success! She started proper in May after recovering from surgery. Good Job!! This is the reason why I had opened up my weightloss support group some months back in hope that others will benefit from working together to reach their weightloss goals. Well Done!

She wrote me a message in my last post and it really made my day.

"Hey Pam~~

Just dropping by to tell u wat an inspiration u are!
For the past few months since march, I've been "blog stalking" u,chatting with u on msn, and getting valuable advise and encouragement from u... with ur encouragement and alot of determination, i lost 20++Kg!

I'm now the proud owner of a 43kg body. =) my bf cannot be happier!
wolf whistles are now getting more and more common when i walk on the street. and ahem... at clubs, guys try to get my number although my bf is standing right beside me! HAHAHA!!!
lol. I wanna thank u for this acheivement and of coz, my bf wanna thank u even more for "beautifying" me!!"

Congratulations Ning! Keep up the good work and remember that maintenance is key. Maintenance is harder than losing weight so remember to watch your diet and keep on exercising. You Go Girl!! Congrats!!


rElAx said...
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rElAx said...

Wow great. thatz inspiring.
I manage to loose weight too, and now I am trying Shangri La diet.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Good Luck to you.

Do realise however that special diets are ways to means to an end.

Meaning there is a goal and when your spcial diet ends. There will be a rebound because it doesn't become a lifestyle change.

Its common to resume normal aka fattening eating habits and/or not have as much exercise as you should and this will give you your rebound.

You would be better off finding a change of diet that you can live with in the LONG TERM and a regular and consistent exercise plan.

relax said...

yes. I have been eating only once or twice a day for a long time. it is not torturing and I am enjoying it.
Shangri la diet is another long term diet, with no much change in food intake.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Thats great then... Best wishes! Its wonderful when you achieve the results you want.

I've mentioned many times before, any kind of so called "diet" works. It all boils down to consistency, common sense, a willing change in diet and EXERCISE!!!

Missy said...

stumbled upon your blog via and am absolutely amazed at your weightloss achievement! likewise, i'm trying to work towards the same thing as well.. and you've just inspired me!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Missy!

Thank you for leaving me a message. Your comments are very encouraging for me too and also spurs me on to reach my goal.

Good luck to you. :)