Saturday, August 23, 2008

Out of Wack!!

I don't know what made me so out of wack yesterday. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep lately since I've been going to bed past 230am these days.

I had a Zumba class at Orchard and for the life of me. I was convinced that it started at 1240pm. In actual fact, it starts at 1140am! And this is a class that I've been to many times before too!

Walking from the MRT, I saw some Rumba class regulars who join some Zumba classes too and you know when you're a regular when other regulars greet you so enthusiastically in public! A whole lot of "Hi! Hi! Hi!" and big smiles all around.

I was puzzled to why they seemed to be leaving the gym, aren't they supposed to be in Latina Flava? *another latin dance class* but I'm EARLY so I figured maybe they wanted to grab a bite since it was still "early".

I trotted into the gym and happily SLOWLY CHANGED, had a nice LOOOONG morning clearing toilet break and swaggered SLOWLY out for the dance studio. Happy Happy! I'm early today! Or so I thought.

Only to bump into this lady and made some small talk and she asked "you're here now for? Zumba? The class already started!" And puzzled me got confused. Started??! So I ran up the stairs to the studio and true enough.

I saw Katia leading the class and Rashidah by the side and I was horrified. GAH!!!

Huh?! Har?! What the.... HUH?!? I stepped in and Rashidah gave me the "wah lau what happen to u" face... I shrugged...... SHIT...

Talk about out of wack. GAH!!!! I only made it in time for the last 15 minutes of class. HOW CAN!!!

SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF with myself!!! I was in a state of ultra grumpiness and after my pathetic attempt at a last 15 minute zumba class, I retreated to pout and whine at the locker room.

UPSET!! Rashidah tried to fan me down "cool it cool it babe..." but GAH!!!!!!! GAAAAAAH!!!!!!!


The saving grace to this was a very nice comment from one of the ladies from class in the locker room while I was there pouting.

Lady: "Hi! What happened to you? You didn't come for full class today? I was looking forward to having you in front bc it helps me move"

Me: "Awww! thats so sweet! I was late larh" (blush)

Lady: "Are you an instructor here?"

Me: "HUH? Errr... no....." o.O'

Lady: "Oh... ha... oh... okay... you're really good though, see you next week!" (Pat me on the shoulders)

For a minute, I felt good.. Awww.. how sweet of her to take the time for that kind compliment. Then a minute later.. POUT. :( BAH!!!

I then got changed, went to attack some chocolate to cool down. It DIDN'T WORK. I went into my afternoon business meeting in a very pissed off state. Didn't show in my face but I sure FELT IT.

Luckily, there was some PSLE thing happening in school so Lauren got released from school much earlier than normal so I picked both my girls up and hearded them up with activity books and a pizza back to Orchard for an early evening Rumba class to complete the days' workout.

Must have one good workout a day if not very unsatisfactory OK!! And yes, my girls get a special space at the gym lounge, entertained by the private trainers and counter staff who ply them with pens/pencils/paper/balloons/sweets and water during the hour that I have class.

If you didn't know, you can actually bring your children to the gym but they have to be old enough to entertain themselves for the hour you're in class while the counter staff vigilantly watches over them and if they're available, entertains them too.

Then I was finally happy. Happy enough to continue the evening out with my girls along Orchard, filling them up with food and frolicking at the toy store.

I ended the day feeling exhausted but happier.
Phew! Must remember! Friday 1140!! NOT 1240!!

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