Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Zumba and I Rumba too!

My workout routine has changed! So lets see how this new routine works out for the body! (UPDATE: What it did for the body can be found HERE!)

From THIS workout routine.. to taking Rumba and Zumba throughout the week! I haven't jogged in quite some time now. On average, I take about 3 Rumba classes and 2 Zumba classes per week. I'd take more of Rashidah's class but her timing is just too late for me in the day. Change to mornings lehh Rashidah!!!!!

I take Rumba with David. His classes are very high energy and takes up to maybe an 85% intensity for the hour that the class runs. I practically wheeze after each set. Sets of merengue, cumbia, salsa, lambada, rumba and reggaeton IS NOT EASY LOR! But is surely very very enjoyable. Sample of this below! Check it out.

And I take Zumba from Rashidah... so lets see if I can get my hands on a video of Rashidah's work.. she's great! Zumba eliminates the "work" from "working out" by combining amazing, irresistible Latin and international music with dynamic, yet simple exercise moves, using its unique interval training format to help participants get fit in a party-like environment. Zumba combines dance and fitness moves for cardiovascular health, toning and strength building.

Note to Rashidah: Babe! I know you read my blog.. so how? Do u have a video of yourself?

So anyone else interested to join one of the classes? There is a Zumba Party this Friday from 740pm onwards at the Orchard Branch. And I have FREE passes up for grabs (And these passes entitle you entry WITHOUT the gym tour which is what everyone hates when they use a free pass to come for this party).

Theme for the evening: Club wear with a hint of Latin Flava! So come dressed HAWT! But sensible too! You're going to be exercising but its going to be FUN!

Email me HERE if interested to come along and I'll meet you early on Friday to pass you your pass. And to those who have reserved the pass with me, DON'T BE LATE HOR!! I won't wait for u bc I don't wanna be late!!!!

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