Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Tristen!

It's Tristens' 3rd Birthday! Time passes so quickly! Didn't we JUST have his McDonald's party? Who is Tristen? Well he's my BFF - Molemole's son. Whoa lao eh!! LOOK AT ME AT LAST YEAR'S PARTY!! *faint* So fat!! SOO FAT!!! *Gah!!!!!!!* And this time.. signs of ageing on my face already.. crows feet! *scream again* Image below taken from the link above. See me in red?!?! EEEEEEyyuuuurrrhhh.......

And yes, I do face painting, balloon sculpturing and glitter tattooing for parties & events..

There was an insane amount of food lining her home driveway along with a rented playground.... 3 different caterers *30 pax of food ordered each*, enough food for more than 100++ people - catering standards *you know you order for 70% of the RSVPed people for a buffet quantity to be just nice* but YET, ALL the food was wiped out by the time the party ended. Whoa lao!!! I didn't take any photos of the food but I'm sure Molemole would have some on her blog.

And the party games had a pull apart PI√ĎATA! Everyone grabbed a string and PUUUULLLED! The box ripped apart and all the sweets came pouring out.

*GRAB GRAB!!!* All the kids attacked the treats on the floor.. later only did I realise that the poor Birthday boy, Tristen himself ended up SITTING BY THE SIDE quietly with an EMPTY plastic bag.. awwwwww!!! *pour some sweets into his bag*

My girls with their haul. Literally A HAUL... another child was even smarter, she SWIPED a full radius of the ground and gathered the pile of sweets in between her legs and then SLOWLY piled them into her plastic bag. Bwuahahaha!! Clever!!

However, what I realised today was that Lauren had strategically PICKED her treats, she took SOME sweets only but went after all the inanimate stuff like necklaces and finger puppets!! I was horrified and amused to notice that she had a CRAZY amount of these when they opened the bags to eat their sweets today. *blush*

Thomas the Train Birthday cake!! Yum Yum.. and yes, for good luck, I ALWAYS eat the cake.. even if it means needing extra workout the next day just to work it off... GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK!! Huat! Huat! Huat ah!! *Big Kiss to Tristen*

And presents! Birthdays are not birthdays without presents!

And the goodypack for the kids was a watercolour paint set!! Yayness!!! Art time soon! This was a nice treat... but WHOA LAO!! Must have been expensive larh!

And of course, since Molemole is a blogger, she would have blogger friends right? 3 of us made it for the party.

Who's here and Who's not?

Vanessa Tay from LoveoutLoud and her boyfriend *blue stripes*, Molemole of course, thats ME behind Moley *why is it my head looks like its just FLOATING there.... hmmmn.... and Krisandro from Life is a Joke, Laugh at it with his lovely girlfriend *blue top* (Staring closely - you know how compatible and potentially successful in the long term a couple is by how closely they resemble each other and I think Kris and his beau look great together! And so does Vanessa & her beau too! *ahem* and for AGES... people have confused CJ and I to being SIBLINGS! *Eeeeyuuk!! Gross lah... think incest... YUCK!)

Who's missing from this? Claudia and her boyfriend who left earlier... *I met up with Claudia today after she buzzed me on MSN about Zumba class after reading my blog, you won't BELIEVE how spontaneous she is! I was just about heading out an hour prior to today's Zumba class and asked her, JUST COME and you know what, SHE DID!! I'm so impressed larh! And she was pretty alright in class too! I love how she just decided to do it and did... I'm very impressed and love people like this.





krisandro said...

Thanks for the pic!

And yeah, people have said tt me and Ruifang do look alike. Small eyes!

claudia said...

We MUST take photo together the next time we meet ok! Wahahaha!!

Twice in a row and we forgot about it! >_<

Awww! I missed the group shot! Photoshop me and my bf in leh! LOL! Nice shot by the way!

And I've a feeling my leg will be super weak tomorrow lah! But I love the impact and energy of the class! Looking forward to the next one! Twice a month I'll be there! LOL!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Kris: No problem.. and both of u look great together.

Claudia: Yar larh! Anyway.. also good lah.. today look very the unglam leh.. next time okay.. See u for Rumba or Zumba yah!!