Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mama's 66th Birthday on National Day!

Its my Mother in Law's 66th Birthday today! Yes! On National day! :) So our little family went out to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant at Dempsey Road for lunch.

Birthday Lotus Peach Buns! Huat Ah! Must eat for Good Luck! I opened mine, licked out the lotus paste and stuffed the buns into Eirian's mouth. Hhahahahaa....

And Gareth, my nephew! I haven't seen him in a while and I missed him alot!! Come come! Take picture with Kim Kim!! *Ahem.. thats me!!*

Smiling for me.. he's quite a natural with the camera... auto pose & smile too!

I like this shot I took of him, looks so natural!

And I LOVE PRAWNS!! And how do you go to a seafood restaurant and not eat Giant Haha Prawns? Aka Drunken Prawns.. u eat them and u go HAHAHAHAHA......-.-'' ok.. not funny. *smacks self*

But when I said giant! I really meant that it was BIG!! I stood one regular sized one up on my rice bowl.. BIG & juicy!!!! Sooo goood.... :) *sssllurp*

And I looove sambal kangong...

And this could either be sheer genius or a cockup that became an excellent idea. A Seafood Horfun dish with deep fried horfun. Literally Deep Fried Horfun *rice* Noodles with seafood broth and clams. Texture wise I'm sure it was fantastic. I could only judge from Eirian's constant shoving of these noodles into her mouth and it smelt pretty good too!

And this shot I took of myself in the taxi on the way there... the taxi background really didn't look too appealing so I removed it and changed it to black but I love how 3D this looks... *AHEM*... ok enough cam-loving... Time for Fireworks!!


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